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Will Edward Snowden be Coming Home?Snowden Image

Recent news reports indicate that Edward Snowden has been negotiating with the U.S. Justice Dept. concerning the criminal charges he faces for leaking N.S.A. documents. He has apparently been trying to arrange a plea bargain in which he would face jail time but be allowed to return to the United States.

It is hard to imagine a person with more loaded with political baggage than Snowden. To many people he is a hero, the man who took on invasive surveillance by big government and won a shocking victory. To others he is a traitor, a spy who compromised U.S. security and endangered the lives of U.S. agents around the world. Allowing Snowden to come home with either a pardon or a prison sentence is not going to work to anyone’s political advantage.

And yet, Snowden’s horoscope reveals a glimmer of hope. (Click on Edward Snowden to see his chart.) In early November Saturn will conjunct his natal Jupiter. This is not a major aspect, but it since both Saturn and Jupiter have to do with authority, government and court proceedings, it could get to wheels turning. Then in Jan. 2016 Saturn will cross Snowden’sDescendant. It will make this aspect two more times in 2016, in June and Oct.

As I point out in my book, “Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life”, when Saturn crossed any of the four angles of the horoscope (the Ascendant, I.C., Descendant and M.C) it represents a major turning point in the person’s life. Obviously, returning to the U.S., even to serve a prison sentence, would be a major turning point for Snowden.

The problem for Snowden, however, is that around the same time that Saturn crosses his Descendant, it will also be moving opposite his natal Mercury (which is in Gemini conjunct his Gemini Ascendant.) This is an aspect of intellectual stubbornness, harsh judgments and bad news. This indicates that, though a deal might be offered to Snowden, it will not be generous and he will have to think hard about whether to take it or not.

Right now Edward Snowden’s secondary progressed Moon is in his Eighth House. In my opinion the progressed Moon in not reliable predictor of events, but its house placement does set the tone of a particular period of a person’s life. With the progressed Moon in the Eighth House, Snowden is now in a period of dependency. His next move in life is totally in the hands of other people, and they are not likely to conform to his wishes.

Snowden’s progressed Moon won’t leave the Eighth until the beginning of 2017. Then is enters the Ninth House which signifies a period during which a person in able to act on and broadcast his or her ideals. For this reason, I think that Snowden’s best chance for a ticket back to the USA (at least in the near future) will be a deal struck at the end of Obama’s term, when there the political fallout would be minimalized.

If Snowden is unable the make a deal with the Justice Dept. in 2017, I think he may well have to wait until 2020, when Saturn squares it natal place, for his next opportunity. Personally, I think that if he is forced to spend that much time in Putin’s Russia, any jail time he receives should be waived as time served.

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