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Love Your Moon, Love Yourself

One of the problems with writing books is that you often find yourself thinking of stuff you wish you had put in them but didn’t. In my book “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” I write about the roles that the Sun and Moon play in defining personality. In particular, I describe the Moon as the protector the ego, as the instinct that steers us away from physical, psychological and psychic harm.

That is the practical, day-to-day function of the Moon. What I didn’t say in the book is that this function stems from a deeper, psychological and spiritual source. That source is the love of your self. The Moon represents the facility through which we give ourselves the kind of unconditional love and acceptance that we expect a mother to give her child.

If we don’t love ourselves then those instincts and intuitions that help us avoid potentially harmful situations are either going to be less effective, or exaggerated to an irrational degree. More important, without this self-love our ability to be happy will always be compromised. How can you let yourself be happy if you don’t love yourself?

When the Moon is badly placed or aspected in a horoscope, this is what happens. However, the behavior that results from this lack of self-love can vary greatly. In some cases, depending on the aspect, a person will resort to various kinds of over-indulgence to compensate through sensation for what they are not getting at a deeper, spiritual level. In others, the person will seek to punish him or herself, and internalize every negative statement he or she hears.

Most of the time, the influence of a bad Moon aspect is subtle and hidden from the public. The person may seem more irritable than he or she should be, or more self-effacing and shy. There might be evidence of depression and social awkwardness, but the real struggle takes place internally, in the mind and in the heart of the individual.

However, when our ability to love ourselves is compromised there is always the possibility that self-hatred will take over. And self-hatred opens the door to a variety of other, manufactured hatreds, such and Anti-Semitism, racial prejudice, homophobia, and so on. In this way a struggling and beaten down Moon can become the source of terrible and destructive rage.

That brings me to the parade of mass shootings that we have witnessed over the past several years. Typically, we do not have birth times for the angry young men (like Vester Flanagan and Chris Harper-Mercer) who commit these crimes, so we can’t know the correct placement of the Moon in their horoscopes. But I’m willing to bet that if we were, we would find that in most cases the Moon is badly afflicted. The absence of self-love is a personal tragedy, but when you add a gun, it can become something much worse.

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