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Kaley Cuoco-not-so-SweetingCuocoImage

On the TV show The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco’s character, Penny, is a fervent believer in astrology, much to Leonard’s (her former boyfriend, now fictional husband) chagrin. However, this apparently doesn’t hold true in real life, because I don’t think any astrologer would have advised Cuoco to rush into a marriage when her secondary progressed Venus was conjunct her natal Neptune. (Click only Kaley Cuoco to see a parital horoscope charted for noon on her birthday.)

Don’t get me wrong. A secondary progressed aspect between Venus and Neptune signals a great time to fall in love. It represents a time in our lives when we can virtually wallow in all the beautiful illusions and exaggerated hopes that falling in love brings us. But it’s not a time to make realistic decisions that are going to change the course of your life, or at least your last name.

This is what Cuoco did in Dec. 2013 when she married the tennis player, Ryan Sweeting, after dating him for only three months. The next year (while the secondary progression was still within range) she reaffirmed her love for Sweeting and sent out photos of her storybook wedding. Then, just a few weeks ago, Cuoco and Sweeting announced that they were getting divorce.

What happened in the meantime is that transiting Saturn returned to its place in Cuoco’s natal chart. Saturn first return is actually an excellent time to get married.  But if you got married previous to that return under the influence of seductive Neptune, it is also an excellent time to recognize the faults and limitations of your current relationship, and to start making new plans.

The problem for Cuoco is that things that happen to us during a Saturn Cycle aspect tend to have important ramifications for the rest of our lives. (I talk about this in my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.) Having this crucial astrological passage marked by a divorce could definitely be problematic. It could leave Cuoco soured on the whole notion of romantic love.

Fortunately, Cuoco has Mars in Libra. She is passionate about the idea of finding the perfect relationship, and the fact that her relationship with Sweeting failed to meet her ideal is not going to stop her from searching for a partner able to satisfy her exacting standards.

In our Mars/Venus Playbook I call the combination of Mars in Libra with Venus in Scorpio “The Dangerously Perfect Lover” and say, “You are still looking for the perfect love with the perfect partner. It’s just that, in your case, this bond must take place on a deeper, emotional level as well as in the mind.” That kind of emotional connection often requires time and patience (something people with the Sun in Sagittarius have in short supply.) Hopefully, this Saturn return will leave Cuoco with the wisdom to recognize that fact.

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