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Letting Mars and Saturn Do the Driving

What does it take to be a billionaire by the time you’re 31? And I’m not talking about a billionaire who was born a millionaire and let inflation and compound interest do the work for him or her. I’m talking about a person who had an idea and pursued it with unflagging determination until it became a reality, a person who succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of most people through hard work and intelligence. What does it take? Apparently, a lot of really bad aspects.

Elizabeth Holmes is currently the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire. She dropped out of college at 19 and started a company call Theranos, which has revolutionized the field of medical testing. She has several patents to her name, and her company seems poised for even further expansion. Last month she made the cover of Inc. Magazine, which seems to think that she could be the next Steve Jobs.

Even without a time of birth, Holmes’ horoscope is remarkable. (Click onElizabeth Holmes to see the horoscope.) She is a Sun sign Aquarius. Aquarians often have a clearly defined vision of what they want to do in life. Her Moon is in either Aquarius or Pisces. Since she seems to have a strong emotional connection with her company, I’m thinking Pisces is most likely.

However, what is most striking about this chart is the square aspects to her Sun by both Mars and Saturn. These are by no means positive aspects. Mars square the Sun is a constant challenge to the ego. It’s like have the world’s meanest drill sergeant screaming at you day and night. Saturn square the Sun is even worse. It puts the ego under the shadow of an authority figure that can never be pleased.

In many cases, aspects like these indicate severe problems. They often manifest in terms of major physical, social or financial obstacles that have to be overcome. Holmes, on the other hand, seems have internalized the “negative” influences of Mars and Saturn.

According to the article in Inc. Magazine, Holmes works seven days a week and sleeps very little. She hasn’t had a vacation since she was a teenager, has few personal friends and no romantic interests. Her life is totally devoted to her work. She is driven. Since she has been so successful, we tend to think of this as a good thing, but we have to remember that it is her tough aspects to Mars and Saturn that are doing the driving.

Fortunately for Holmes, there is also a more positive aspect her Sun. The Sun is sextile Uranus. This aspect not only strengths her Aquarian qualities (Uranus rules Aquarius), it provides her with an escape from the challenges posed by Saturn and Mars. That escape turned out to be science and technology, two things naturally associated with Uranus.

Not everyone with both Mars and Saturn square the Sun, even with a beneficial secondary contact with Uranus, can become a billionaire, but people with these kinds of aspects do tend to be hard-driving and tough-minded. Along with the challenges that these planets pose for the ego, Mars adds courage and passion, while Saturn provides patience and the ability to learn from experience.

It would be wonderful if we could see how the Sun is placed in Holmes' chart. My guess is that it is quite prominent, but we can’t know without a time of birth. For now it is enough that this partial horoscope proves what I have often said on these pages, that it is the hard, so-called “bad” aspects that drive people to get things done in this world.

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