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Why We Loved Yogi Berra

It comes as no surprise that the beloved baseball great, Yogi Berra, was as famous for his goofy quotes as he was for the multiple championships he helped the New York Yankees win back in the 1950s. His Mercury, the ruler of speech, is square expansive Jupiter. (Click on Yogi Berra to see the horoscope.)People with this aspect often have trouble expressing themselves clearly. They tend to either say too much, or to speak before they’ve completely figured out what they want to say.

Typically, when we see Mercury in a hard aspect to Jupiter we expect the kind of verbal blunders that lead to criticism or even public outrage. That never happened to Berra. Berra's odd and bumbling statements endeared him to the public.

What made Berra special was the fact that Jupiter was also trine his Sun in Taurus, which is conjunct his Venus. It’s hard to dislike someone with the Sun trine Jupiter. They are confident, open-hearted people who seem to always expect the best out of others. The fact that the Sun is also conjunct Venus adds an extra level of sweetens the personality.

Another key aspect in Berra chart is the square between his Sun and Neptune. At times this can be a destructive aspect, leading to substance abuse problems and an ego that suffers from a lack of boundaries. However, since Berra’s Sun is supported by both Jupiter and Venus, he seemed to manifest only the more benign qualities of Neptune: that touch of awkwardness and strangeness that gained him a prominent place in American pop culture.

Of course, there’s a lot more going on in Yogi Berra’ horoscope than just these aspects. For example, his Moon in Capricorn shows us that, beneath his affable exterior, he was a canny and extremely practical man. In my book “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” I say of the combination of the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Capricorn, “You are a realist with high standards. You expect a lot out of other people and more out of yourself.” Berra’s success, both as a ball player and as a manager, certainly proves this point.

What is most interesting to me, however, is the fact that Berra’s Capricorn Moon is opposed to Pluto. It is also sextile Saturn. This is a much darker compensation of aspects. It speaks of defensiveness, vengefulness and periods of extreme self-doubt. These are not qualities that are typically associated with Berra (though his long feud with Yankee owner, George Steinbrenner gives us a hint.) They are obviously parts of Berra’s personality that he kept to himself.

That brings us to Yogi Berra’s Pisces Ascendant. Pisces on the Ascendant is good at hiding things and developing disguises. Even though he often played the role of a fool, much of Berra’s success on field came out of his native intelligence. Berra was famous for his easy-going demeanor, but he was a hard-nosed bargainer when it came to negotiating his contracts and always got a good deal. Pisces on the Ascendant allowed Berra to move easily from one role to another.

I think it also allowed him to keep the darker side of his personality, as represented in this Moon and its aspects, under wraps. And who can complain about that. If more people were able to keep their insecurities and evil thoughts out of the public eye, instead of flaunting them on TV reality shows, the world would be a much more agreeable place. For that, as much as for his baseball career and his unforgettable quotes, we shall have fond memories of Yogi Berra.