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Whitey Bulger and the “Criminal” HoroscopeBulgerWhiteyImage

Though I haven’t seen the movie, the promotion for Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the Irish-American gangster, James Joseph, “Whitey” Bulger Jr., in the “Black Mass” got me curious about the famous criminal’s horoscope. Of course, we have no time of birth for Bulger, but even a partial horoscope reveals much about Bulger’s life of crime. (Click on Whitey Bulger to see the chart.)

First of all, Bulger is a double Virgo, with both the Sun and Moon in that sign. If you’re going to be a criminal, then being born with a strong emphasis on Virgo is a good starting point. Virgos are able to attend to the details that so often get careless crooks caught. They are also able to put aside sentiment and emotion and make decisions that are based solely on the facts as they exist at that moment. That comes in handy if you have to “whack” a relative or a childhood friend.

Bulger’s Sun (and possibly his Moon) is square to Jupiter. Jupiter square the Sun expands the ego. Obvious, you can’t be a shrinking violet if you plan on become a crime boss. Of course, the square aspect is a hard aspect, which means that this expansion of the ego will not be smooth or easy. You might overdo it at times and come off as a blustering bully, but in certain organizations that can work to your advantage.

Finally, Bulger has Mars opposed to Uranus. This kind of contact typically produces a rebel, someone who has trouble obeying other people’s rules. It also is an aspect that virtually sings out with violence. With Mars oppose Uranus violence come quickly and without a warning, like a lightning strike, and it can be delivered with a shocking degree of emotional detachment.

Of course, most double Virgos use their sharp, analytical minds for things other than planning heists. Likewise, the vast majority of people with Jupiter aspected by Jupiter manage to put their expanded self-confidence and leadership abilities to a better use than becoming a criminal kingpin. And, even though people with Uranus opposed to Mars often have a rocky relationship with authority figures, they typically get over that with time and learn to use that restless, explosive energy in innovative, creative and perfectly legal endeavors.

Horoscopes do not present us with mandates. They give us a range of choices. I’m certain that if I had a complete horoscope for Whitey Bulger I could find further indicators that made the choice of becoming a career criminal easy for him, but the easy choices are rarely the best. What makes Bulger different from other double Virgos born with a similar arrangement of planets, what made him a criminal, is the fact that he ignored this rule.

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