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Carly Fiorina and the Heartbreak of Partial Horoscopes

There seems to be general agreement that Carly Fiorina, the lone woman in the crowded field of Republican candidates for next year’s presidential nomination, was the big winner in this week’s debates. She managed to equal the bluster of Donald Trump and get in more than her share of applause lines.

I had wanted to write about Fiorina earlier, but doing her chart without a time of birth presents a problem. Both the Moon and Venus changed signs during the day when she was born, and both are crucial to any judgment of her horoscope. (Click on Carly Fiorina to see a chart done for noon on her birthday.)

A birth time after 6 PM for Fiorina would place the Moon in practical Capricorn and in a tough-minded and combative conjunction with her Mars. If she was born in the morning, on the other hand, the Moon would be in easy-going and adventurous Sagittarius. What I know of her history as a businesswoman makes me favor an evening birth time, but what I know is really just what I read on Wikipedia.

Likewise, Fiorina could have Venus in charming Libra, in a wide conjunction with Neptune and square Uranus, or in emotional Scorpio conjunct her Saturn. The difference between these two possible placements of Venus is dramatic, but making a guess here is difficult because Venus relates to the personal side of Fiorina’s life, about which I know next to nothing.

There are no major transits currently impacting this partial horoscope for Fiorina. A secondary progressed chart (which is also limited by the absence of a time of birth) reveals that her progressed Mercury is currently conjunct her natal Venus. This will make it easy for her to express her ideas to the public, but it is not the kind of connection that could get her the nomination. Of course, again, without a time of birth there is much that I cannot see.

The one definite thing I can say about Fiorina’s chart is that in the late spring of 2016 Uranus will square her Jupiter. This is a “surprise” aspect. It can bring amazing incidences of good fortune.  If Fiorina is still a contender this late in the primaries, her campaign could pull a surprising upset during this period. However, Uranus square Jupiter also an aspect of disastrous hubris, and whatever advantage she gains at that time might be upended by over-confidence.

Of course, that would be less likely if her Moon is conjunct Mars, putting us right back to where we started.

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