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It’s hard to believe that the guy who compared Obamacare to slavery and President Obama to Hitler is now being considered the “sane” alternative to Donald Trump in the Republican primary, but that’s the political reality. Carson has moved into a second place in national polls by running a quiet, no frills campaign. Meanwhile, Trump’s bluster and ignorance about such matters as foreign policy and the constitution have made Carson’s gaffs seem relatively harmless.

Since we don’t have a time of birth for Carson I’m using a horoscope charted for noon on his birthday. (Click on Ben Carson to see this partial horoscope.) In a previous article (click here to see the article) about Dr. Carson I focused on the sextile between his Mars and Neptune. I also mentioned the fact that his Mars is conjunct Pluto and attributed his stellar career in medicine to that aspect. But there’s more to Mars conjunct Pluto than just this connection to surgery

Mars rules competition, conflict and fighting for what you believe. When Mars is connected to Pluto, that fighting spirit goes underground. There’s a greater emphasis on psychology and strategy.  A person with Mars conjunct Pluto doesn’t have to win every battle. In fact, defeats often make them stronger and wiser. In the end, this allows them to win the war.

Mars conjunct Pluto also provides for a desire for power. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Dr. Carson used the power given him in the operating room to save lives. The key to good government is the ability of the people working within that government to use power wisely. Carson will continue his fight for the nomination until the bitter end because he wants to be the person wielding that power.

So, Ben Carson’s current standing in the polls is not really a surprise. He’s a patient fighter who knows how to take advantage of what he’s given. Republican voters have grown to mistrust even the politicians they voted into office. They want an outsider. Trump and Carson, two men with no political experience, fit that bill.

Right now, Carson is still under the influence of a beneficial aspect in his secondary progressed horoscope. Progressed Venus, associated with popularity, is opposed to bountiful Jupiter in his natal chart. However, as I pointed in my last article, that aspect is on the wane. By the time the primary gets serious next spring, his secondary progressed Venus will be square Uranus, a much more disruptive aspect. I look for this aspect to throw a monkey wrench into Carson campaign.

Of course, as is always the case when I’m looking at a partial horoscope, there are many things I can’t see. There are several aspects involving slow moving outer planets that can’t be properly interpreted without knowing the house position of those planets. And then there are the locations of the all important angles (the Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.). Without this information any definitive estimation of Ben Carson’s chances of winning the nomination is impossible.

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