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Rick Perry No More

I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed to see Rick Perry drop out of the crowded field of candidates vying to be the Republican nominee for president.  The main reason for my dismay is the fact that Perry is one of the few candidates for whom we have a complete horoscope with a reliable time of birth. (Click on Rick Perry to see the horoscope.) But I have to admit that part of my disappointment is because last year I wrote an article predicting that Rick Perry would to achieve some redemption for his dismal performance in the 2012 campaign with a run in 2016.

The reason I made that prediction was because Saturn had just crossed his Descendant, a very important angle in any horoscope, and that it would square his natal Saturn during the 2016 primary campaign. When Saturn crosses an important angle and/or aspects its natal place, we typically reach a turning point in our lives. I thought that maybe Perry’s turning point would be a strong showing in the 2016 primary. Obviously, I was wrong. (Click here to see the previous article article.)

What killed Perry’s chances had less to do with his horoscope and more to do with the current state of Republican politics. When I wrote that article last year it looked like the Republican field would consist of Jeb Bush and a couple or three hard core right wingers (like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul). Instead, we have a dozen or so super-conservative candidates all seeking to be “righter” than the next.

And then we have Donald Trump, whose candidacy has upset everyone’s apple cart. None of the current batch of Republican candidates can match Trump when it comes to name recognition. On top of this, Trump has the money to finance his own campaign, so he’s beholden no interest group.  More important, his has the support of a beneficial astrological aspect that will stay with him through the 2016 election. (Click here to see my last article on Donald Trump.)

To his credit, Rick Perry was one of the few candidates to directly criticize Trump and his brand of populous conservatism. His efforts did nothing to stop “the Donald” from his continuous rise in the polls. It might be said that Trump’s recent leap from 25% to over 30% was the result of people switching their allegiance from lower level candidates, like Perry, and giving it to the obvious front runner.

So what about Rick Perry’s Saturn aspects? Saturn tells us no lies. It gives us what we’ve earned, but it also gives us what we need. If the recent turn of events is the end of Rick Perry’s political career, then that is what he really needs. Of course, just because Perry has dropped out the race for the presidential nomination, doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be picked as a candidate for Vice-President, particularly if a centrist comes away with the nomination and needs a conservative running mate. That seems pretty far-fetched at the moment, but considering the topsy-turvy nature of this years politics, it is still a possibility.

You can learn more about the cycles of Saturn in my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.

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