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Astrology at Work: Jackie RobinsonRobinsonJImage

There’s a tendency to look at Pluto with trepidation. When it aspects the Sun or the Moon, or crosses one of the angles (the Ascendant, Midheaven, etc) we generally expect to have a heavy burden to be placed upon our shoulders. Certainly this is not a pleasant prospect, but taking on a burden can have its perks. An excellent example of this is the baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. (Click on Jackie Robinson to see his horoscope.)

In Oct. 1945, when it was announced to the public that Jackie Robinson would become the first African-American player to be signed with a major league baseball team, Pluto had just moved opposite his Sun and Moon. Robinson’s is an unusual chart. He is a “New Moon” baby with the Sun and Moon at the same degree of Aquarius, so every aspect to one influences the other.  Since the Sun and the Moon are the two most important bodies in a horoscope, every one of these aspects becomes crucial.

Pluto moves slowly around the ecliptic. During the summer of 1946 Robinson played for a minor league team in the Dodger "farm" system. He performed brilliantly. Then, in Apr. 1947, he was “called up” to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Robinson played his first major league game on Apr. 17. During this entire period Pluto remained with range of an opposition aspect to his Sun and Moon.

Robinson’s breaking of the color bar in Major League Baseball was a joyous event for many people, including Robinson. But it also placed a tremendous burden on the 28 year-old rookie. Everywhere he played he was subjected to verbal abuse and taunting by both the fans and other players. He was isolated from his fellow players, both because some of them didn’t want him in the game, and because of segregation. Robinson often had to take his meals outside the restaurant where his teammates were being served and sleep in separate quarters. Sometimes the abuse became physical, with opposing players intentionally cutting him with their cleats.

To all of these insults and slights, Robinson could make no reply, offer no complaint and make no effort to retaliate. Robinson had promised the man who brought him on the team, Branch Rickey that he would remain silent regardless of what was said about him or done to him. Both Rickey and Robinson understood that white baseball fans would align against him if he showed any emotion other than calm resolve.

What made this task particularly burdensome was the fact that Robinson was a fighter. (He has Mars strongly place near the Descendant.)  He was a proud and highly competitive man. Before he signed with the Dodgers, Robinson had had several clashes with the law, mostly because he failed to submit to police harassment and “Jim Crow” rules.

 Fortunately, however, Robinson was also an Aquarian (by both Sun and Moon sign). Aquarians have a unique ability to see the bigger picture. Robinson understood that he had a singular opportunity to make history and help advance the cause of equal rights, and that swallowing his pride was a small price to pay.

Robinson took on the burden of Pluto and transformed the sport that is most closely identified with America.  Around the time that Robinson finished his first season with the Dodgers, Pluto had moved beyond his Sun and Moon. Robinson no longer felt burdened by the weighty responsibility of Pluto. By this time black players were becoming commonplace in major league baseball. So, in the seasons that followed, Robinson gave free rein to his Mars. He was frequently involved with clashes with other players and umpires who treated him badly because of his race, and he established a reputation as both a tough competitor, and as a man who stood up for his rights.


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