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Idris Elba and a Shaken (Not Stirred) MarsElbaIImage

The rumor that the black, London-born actor, Idris Elba is likely to be the next embodiment of the perennial James Bond has apparently caused some controversy. The writer who succeeded Ian Fleming and now writes the Bond books is on record as saying that Elba is “too street” to play the part.

The reason Elba is widely expected to be chosen for the job probably had little to do with his “street” appeal.  He just happens to be a talented British actor with incredible screen presence whose time has come. After standout performances in the HBO series, The Wire, and a gorgeous turn as a conflicted cop in the British series, Luther, Elba has made himself a “hot” item in Hollywood terms.

We don’t have a time of birth for Elba, but even a partial horoscope reveals something about how he will fit into the role of James Bond. (Click on Idris Elba to see the horoscope.) Elba was born with his Sun in a close conjunction with Mars. That means that the combative, violent qualities of Mars are never far removed from his essential personality. He may not be a violent person, but the warrior spirit of Mars, with all of its passion, aggression and sexiness, are a big part of who he is.

It should be noted that in the horoscope of Sean Connery, perhaps the most memorable of the many Bond incarnations, Mars is sextile the Sun and square the Moon and Mercury. However, there is a big difference between have a planet squaring or sextiling the Sun or Moon and having it in a conjunction. You might compare it to a friend that you text every few hours, and a person who lives with you. One way or another, the influence of the person who shares your home is always going to be more immediate and compelling.

On the other hand, both Elba and Connery have the Sun in Virgo. Sun sign Virgos are typically very discriminating people. We would expect a Virgo to be specific about how he or she would want a drink prepared (shaken, not stirred.) We would also expect Virgos to be cool-headed in tense situations, and to know how to kill people without staining their expensive suits.

So, would Idris Elba be too rough, too “street”, too close to Mars to play James Bond? Certainly, he would portray the character in a different way that any of the previous Bond actors, but Daniel Craig’s somewhat more working class Bond has already broken that mode. Personally, I am quite excited about the possibility of Elba taking the role. If nothing else, it will give us a chance to see which astrological influence will be most prominent on the screen, his up-close-and-personal Mars, or his discriminating Virgo Sun sign.