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Stephen Colbert and the Mystery Ascendant

Now that Stephen Colbert is getting ready to take over the CBS Late Show, replacing David Letterman, I thought it might be interesting to look at his horoscope. Unfortunately, we do not have a time of birth for Colbert. This is always a problem, but it is particularly frustrating in this case because the time of birth gives us the Ascendant in a chart, and there is good reason to believe that Stephen Colbert has spent the past 10 years hiding behind his.

Since 2005 Colbert has hosted the satirical news program called The Colbert Report. In this capacity he has taken on the persona of a bombastic, ultra-conservative political pundit. Colbert used this persona to poke fun at conservatives and to draw humor from often rancorous political debates, but his identification with this character is so complete that the real Stephen Colbert is virtually unknown to the public.

In the horoscope, the Ascendant represents what is often termed our “outer personality”. That’s a rather vague term, since most parts of our personality become “outer” at some time or another, and the ones that remain hidden are often problematic. I prefer to think of the Ascendant as the title of a book or a movie, or the blurb underneath the title. It is the way we present ourselves to strangers, or to casual acquaintances. It gives these people a brief synopsis of who we are, without the complexities and contradictions of our “inner” life. It is us, simplified.

My guess is that the character that Colbert plays on the Colbert Report comes out of his Ascendant. The rest of his horoscope (click on Stephen Colbert to see the chart) is dominated by Taurus, which is the sign occupied by his Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. People with strong Taurus profiles are often conservative, but they tend to be quiet about their beliefs and are rarely bombastic.

Off camera, Colbert is reportedly a friendly, down-to-earth family man, much as you might expect from a stellum in Taurus. He has the Moon in Gemini, which explains his quick wit and skill as an interviewer. This is reinforced by the fact that he has Mercury conjunct Mars and both are trine intellectual Uranus. Colbert has a very sharp mind with a combative edge. But where is his Ascendant?

The most likely culprit might be the Ascendant that we see with the chart done of noon, Leo. People with Leo rising are quite capable of playing a part, particularly if it is going to get them noticed. I think that Aries is also likely, because of all the swagger and aggressiveness Colbert displayed when he was on the Colbert Report. Gemini is also a possibility because that sign’s dualistic nature.

On Sept. 8, when Colbert takes over the Late Show, the transiting Jupiter will be trine his natal Jupiter. This is an auspicious setting for his network TV debut. These aspects should make it easier for Colbert to step out from behind his Ascendant and show the world a bit more of his true personality.

So what do you think? Which sign would you guess is Stephen Colbert’s Rising Sign? We always welcome your comments

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