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Rethinking Donald Trumptrumpimage

In my last article I explained how I had to rethink my estimation of the possible impact Hillary Clinton’s email mess would have on her presidential bid after looking at her secondary progressed horoscope. (Click here to see that article.) That got me wondering about the secondary progressed horoscope of Donald Trump, so I ran it, and immediately after poured myself a strong drink.

I had predicted that Trump would surprise people with his performance in the first Republican debate, and he did. Despite all the attacks directed toward him by the other candidates and his tussle with a female Fox News correspondent, his lead in the polls remained impressive.(Click on Donald Trump to see his natal chart)

I based that prediction on the fact that Jupiter, Venus and the Sun were all cluster around his Ascendant on the night of the debate. They all were square to Saturn, so he caught some flack, but his personality (such as it is) shined through, and people like what they saw. Of course, Jupiter gifts are transient. It moves relatively fast and it’s hard to hold on to the advantages it gives us. For this reason, I figured that Trump’s campaign would begin losing steam by the end of August. That does not seem to be happening.

That’s what got me looking at Trump’s secondary progressed chart. What I saw was the progressed Sun moving across his natal Ascendant. Let me give you an example of what this aspect can do. Janis Joplin struggled during her first attempt to start a musical career in San Francisco. He ended up limping back home to Texas. When she came back in 1967 to sing with Big Brother and the Holding Company at the Monterey Pop Festival, her career was launched. That happened when the progressed Sun was crossing her natal Ascendant.

Get the message? The secondary progressed aspects that Hillary Clinton is suffering through right now are minor compared to the power of the progressed Sun crossing the natal Ascendant. This is a time when a person shines bright, probably as brightly as he or she will ever shine in their lives. Everything thing they do turns to gold, or at least it fails to do them the damage that would otherwise be expected. Is it any wonder that no matter how often Trump seems to put his foot into his mouth, people keep on cheering?

There are other things going on in Trump’s secondary progressed chart. His progressed Mercury is crossing his natal Pluto (in the Twelfth House) while his progressed Mars is squaring his natal Mercury. Trump is not going to let up on the tough talk, and he is going to continue to voice extreme opinions and defy the rules of political correctness with virtually every breath. At some point you might expect voters to grow tired of all this and want to hear concrete proposals on policy. When that happens (if it ever does) then Trump will be in trouble.

There are a lot of political reasons why Trump campaign for the nomination has been so successful. There’s name recognition, the fact that the Republican field is crowded with candidates who are more or less saying the same things that conservative candidates have been saying since Ronald Reagan and Trump’s money. However, it’s the astrological reasons the should have both Democrats and Republicans worried.


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