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Neptune and Hillary Clinton (Part Two)

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Hillary Clinton’s email problems. I attributed them to Neptune passing near her Midheaven (in the 8:00 PM chart that I favor). (Click on Hillary Clinton to see that horoscope.) Neptune has since moved beyond Clinton’s Midheaven, but the email scandal shows no sign of going away. So, I decided to look at her secondary progressed horoscope to find out why.

As I pointed out in the earlier article, we have no definite birth time for Clinton. She has given out both 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM in the past, and other people have proposed other times. This makes a secondary horoscope for somewhat indefinite. The position of the progressed Moon, for example, is impossible to know without a definite time of birth. Still, Clinton’s secondary progressed chart reveals some troubling aspects that would be in effect for both in the 8:00 AM and the 8:00 PM charts.

Not surprisingly, those aspects involve Neptune. Clinton’s secondary progressed Sun and Mercury are both square her natal Neptune. As I said in the previous article, the email scandal has all the earmarks of Neptune. It comes out of an error in judgment, carries hints of secrecy and deceptions and its significance depends largely on who you ask. What these secondary progressed aspects tell us is that Clinton’s Neptunian mess is not going to go away anytime soon.

When Neptune in active in a person’s chart they have difficulty expressing themselves in clearly. Since Mercury is involved in the aspect this tendency will be paramount. Clinton will have trouble getting people to hear and understand her message. She will be forced to restate things, clarify her positions and backtrack on earlier claims.

And since we are also dealing with the Sun in this aspect, her reputation and her physical vitality will also be an issue. Already, polls show that many people don’t trust Clinton. This aspect indicates that this trend will continue. Her campaign may also be hampered by illness or injury.

Generally speaking, secondary progressed aspects are not active agents in a person’s life. Instead, they set the stage and establish the context in which transiting aspects influence events. In other words, every misstep Clinton makes during the next ten months will bring back the mistrust that has came out of this email scandal.

I don’t think that this lack of trust will keep Clinton from winning the nomination. The machine and the money behind her are just too formidable. However, it definitely could cause her problems in the general election. Much depends on who runs against her. If the Republicans were wise, they’d give up their current fascination with Donald Trump (a man who could be beat by virtually anyone in a “trustworthiness” contest) and find a more grounded and predictable champion. Of course, wisdom has never been the defining quality of the Republican electorate.

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