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Buying a Revolution

I’ve always had an interest in how astrology pertains to politics, as witnessed by the entries on this blog. Generally, I spend time looking at the horoscopes of the politicians, but today I want to focus on two men who have exerted tremendous influence on American politics without ever running for office: Charles and David Koch.

The Koch brothers have spent billions of dollars over the past several election cycles to get candidates who conform to their political line of thinking into office and people who don’t out. They have been remarkably successful, so much so that conservative Republican candidates go the great lengths to curry their favor, while Democrats and Republicans deemed too liberal tremble at the mention of their names.

Looking at horoscope charted for noon on the birthdays ofhar Charles and David Koch (click on the names to see the partial charts) we get a surprise. Uranus is strongly connected to the Sun in both. Charles has his Sun in Taurus opposed to Uranus and David has the Sun in Scorpio conjunct that planet.

Astrologers associate Uranus with revolution. A lot of astrologers also tend to associate it with liberal causes and social consciousness. However, as far as Uranus in concerned, any effort to overturn the status quo is revolutionary. What is important is the liberation of one group of people who are perceived to be oppressed by another.

In the world according to the Koch brothers, those oppressed people are business people like themselves, and the oppressor is big government. They have devoted their lives to pushing back government regulation and government involvement in the economy. Their goal is to return to the laissez-faire capitalism of the early 20th Century, the financial environment in which their father began their family fortune.

Critics of the Koch brother’s politics might point to the fact that laissez-faire capitalism has historically been coupled with devastating economic panics and depressions (including the Great Depression), but people under the influence of Uranus rarely concern themselves with such details. They are ruled by their ideals, and the march toward freedom.

Given their age and station in life, the Koch brothers are not likely to march in demonstrations or become freedom fighters. But the do have a lot of money, and money can influence people. So, the Koch brothers follow their Uranian urge for revolution by "investing" in politician who represent their values and opinions.

We usually connect the influence of big money to Pluto, but for the Koch brothers is all about Uranus. For a billionaire (many times over) buying a revolution is much more sensible than fighting for one.

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