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Jennifer Aniston and the Impromptu MarsanistonJImage

We associate Mars with combativeness, competitiveness and sexual passion, but it is also the just-do-it planet, the planet the spurs us to act on our impulses. This side of Mars was revealed last week when Jennifer Aniston surprised everyone and turned a birthday party for her fiancé, Paul Theroux into a wedding ceremony. (Click on Jennifer Aniston to see her horoscope.)

First of all, there were a lot things going on astrologically that made Aug. 5 the perfect day for a wedding. Transiting Jupiter (Jupiter in the sky on that day) and transiting Venus were in a conjunction. That made this an emotionally expansive time.

At the same time, however, these planets were square Saturn, which add a restrictive, sour note to the proceedings. Aniston has caught some flack since her wedding for not inviting her co-stars from the series, “Friends”. With Jupiter conjunct Venus we feel empowered to do things that make us happy. But, with the square to Saturn, this self-indulgence brings recriminations from other people (mostly fans of the old show.)

Aniston secondary progressed horoscope also helped set the mood. Her progressed Sun has moved to the same degree as her natal Venus, while her progressed Venus has moved into a conjunction to her natal Descendant (and the cusp of the Seventh House of partnership), and a sextile with her natal Sun. That’s two aspects involving Venus, the planet most closely associated with love. No wonder Aniston had marriage on her mind.

And yet, the planet that sealed the deal was Mars. Transiting Mars was moving across Aniston’s Midheaven on her wedding day, bringing with it a tendency to act impulsively and let the chips fall where they may. Since Mars is the planet of conflict, and since the Midheaven is the seat of her public image, Aniston has drawn criticism for not making her wedding the kind of media event that her fans were hungering for. But Mars moves quickly and this criticism in unlikely to endure. (Click here to see the Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis I wrote for Aniston and Theroux three years ago.)

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