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Ronda Rousey and the Ultimate Fighting MarsrouseyRondaImage

I don’t follow boxing or ultimate fighting or any of the more violent sports, not because I have an aversion to violence, but because I get more than my daily dose of it just by looking at the news. Still, I was struck by the accolades being thrust on Ronda Rousey, who won the woman’s bantamweight UFC championship a few days ago. So I decided to see what Mars was doing in her horoscope.

We don’t have a time of birth for Ronda Rousey, (click on her name to see a chart done for noon on her birthday) but even with this partial horoscope we can see that Mars in very strongly placed. First of all, it is in Aries, the sign that it rules and the planet’s natural home. Aggression comes easily for people born with Mars in Aries. They are born adventurers who don’t mind ruffling feathers and taking a few hits when it is necessary.

Another factor that makes Mars strong in this chart is its conjunction with the North Node of the Moon. I done a lot of research conjunctions to the Lunar Nodes, and I’ve found this aspect often appears in the horoscopes of athletes. Barry Bonds, the baseball slugger, champion gymnast, Cathy Rigsby, soccer great, Pele, boxer, Max Baer and O. J. Simpson were all born with Mars on one of the Nodes. The conjunction also seems to be associated with violence. John Dillinger, Ted Bundy and Robert Durst were also born with this aspect.

Along with her Aries Mars, it is possible that Rousey also has the Moon in that sign, though I tend to think that she was born earlier in the day with the Moon in Pisces close to Jupiter. Her Aquarian Sun is square Pluto, and this aspect conveys enough toughness to support her Mars in Aries, along with a capacity for focused aggression.

Rousey’s Aquarian Sun helps her out in others ways. Aquarians don’t mind being different or breaking stereotypes. As a woman competing in a violent sport that was until recently considered only fit for men, Rousey has certainly defied a stereotype, and she seems to be quite comfortable filling that role.

Without a complete horoscope it is impossible to see where Rousey’s Aquarian Sun and Aries Mars might take her next. It seems that she is trying to move away from the functions of Mars and into acting. This could be a good fit for her if her Moon is actually in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter and square Venus, but was can’t know this for sure without a time of birth. I can see that she is heading for a big Saturn aspect in Dec. 2016.This will be a time of decision for her, and it will probably relate directly to her career choices.

So, do you have Mars close to one of the Nodes of the Moon. If so, I'd like know what impact this aspect has had on your life. We always appreciate your comments and observations.

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