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Donald Trump and the Big Debate

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president a lot of people didn’t think he was serious. Now, of course, with him leading in the polls and dominating the nightly news with his outrageous statements, those same people are scared to death that he is.

On July 14, I wrote that this time (unlike his previous flirtation in 2012) Trump was serious about his candidacy. I saw this in the fact the Saturn had recently crossed one of the decisive angles in his horoscope. (Click here to see that article.) Of course, Trump’s idea of serious is not the same as most candidates. It’s not about studying the issues and articulating policy. True to his Leo Ascendant, Trump seems to assume that as long as the TV cameras are on him, he’s winning.

On Aug. 6, Fox news is sponsoring a debate. All the leading Republican candidates will be there, and all of them will be taking shots at the front runner, Donald Trump. How Trump handles these sallies will be a big test for his credibility as a candidate. Expectations, even from Trump himself, are low. However, an examination of the aspects to Trump’s horoscope on Aug. 6 argues for a surprise. (Click on Donald Trump to see his horoscope.)

Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are all conjunct Trump's Ascendant on that day. This tells us that not only will we see all Trump’s bombast (Jupiter), we will also see displays of wit (Mercury) and charm (Venus). Of course, these displays will have to occur within the limits of the candidate’s natural abilities, but given the fact that little is expected of him, it is likely that Trump will come out of the debates still leading in the polls.

Another factor that might help Trump is the fact that all those planets clustered around Trump’s ascendant will be square transiting Saturn. On top of this, transiting Mars is trine transiting Saturn on that day. Emotions are going to running high during this debate for all of the candidates. Extreme statements are personal attacks are going to be flying around the room. In such an environment, Trump is going to feel right at home.

So, the debate may not be the stumbling point for Trump’s candidacy that his detractors are hoping for. However, there are other, astrological problems looming for “the Donald”. For the past couple of weeks Jupiter has been cruising across Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant. This aspect has brought him a lot of attention and an opportunity to broadcast his personality, warts and all, to the masses. Unfortunately for Trump, by the middle of August, Jupiter will have moved beyond these crucial degrees and he’s going to be on his own.

Jupiter brings increase and abundance into our lives, but Jupiter’s gifts tend to be transitory. Once the Jupiter aspect has passed there is often a letdown. What once was easy becomes difficult.  My guess is that after Jupiter moves away from is Ascendant, people are going to grow tired of Trump’s outrageous persona, and start looking for another right-wing firebrand.

This doesn’t mean that Donald Trump can’t remain a viable candidate, but he’s going to have to work for it. He may even have to take time away from the TV cameras and study the issues. It may seem farfetched, but with a Sun sign Gemini, change is always possible.

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