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Amy Schumer and the Astrology of Humor

We think of comedy as being a Gemini thing. Comedy is about wit, playing with words and ideas and making snappy observations, all Gemini qualities. So it comes as no surprise that one of the hottest comedians right now, Amy Schumer,(click on her name to see a horoscope done for noon) was born with the Sun in Gemini. However, when you start looking at the horoscopes of other great comedian, like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Robin Williams, etc., you find that funny stuff can come from just about any sign.

Since we don’t have a time of birth for Schumer, there are a lot of things about her horoscope that we can’t know. Even her Moon sign is up for grabs. If she was born in the morning it would be Taurus, in the afternoon or evening, Gemini. Still, there are several things about this chart that shine a ligth on the secret to being funny.

The first is the placement of Mercury. It is not in Gemini with her Sun. It is in Cancer. Water signs are not uncommon in the horoscopes of great comedians. Robin Williams and Phyllis Diller had the Sun in Cancer. Bob Hope had the Moon placed there. Jonathan Winters had the Sun in Scorpio and David Letterman has Mercury in Pisces.

Having Mercury or the Sun in a Water sign adds a touch of humanity to comedy, and helps the comedian establish an emotional connection to the audience. No matter how cruel the joke, there is a sense that the comedian has sympathy for the person or persons who are being jibed. Or, if it is the comedian who is the butt of the joke (as is often the case with Schumer) then there is hidden call for sympathy to which the audience responds.

Even in this partial horoscope we can see that Schumer has a strong opposition aspect between her Mars and Uranus. Mars is about action on impulse. Uranus is about rebellion. So when you put them together, breaking the rules is the order of the day. Transgression always plays an important role in comedy. We laugh at comedians because they break the rules in ways that most of us cannot.

Robin William had Mars and Uranus conjunct in his horoscope. Other comedians famous for their transgressive humor, such as George Carlin and Andy Kaufman, had Uranus emphasized in other ways. Schumer’s Mars is in earthy Taurus, so her transgressions often involve sex, sensuality and her body.

Another interesting thing about Amy Schumer’s horoscope is the fact that her Mercury is square both Jupiter and Saturn. This is aspect is kind of like overdosing on uppers and downers at the same time. Saturn square Mercury is serious, critical, extremely focused and prone of bouts of depression. Jupiter square Mercury is exuberant, blindly optimistic and prone to unrealistic, over-inflated statements and ideas.

Even though we can find certain similarities in the horoscope of comedians, each comedian must find an original way to be funny. I think that this combination of Jupiter and Saturn is the key to Schumer’s originality. She combines incisive criticisms of modern life with over-the-top statements, and it’s funny.

At the same time, of course, these aspects lend themselves to unrealistic expectations and profound depression. My guess is that, at some level, Schumer struggles with these issues. Hopefully, she’ll do a better job of handling her demons than some of her fellow comedians (like Lenny Bruce and Robin Williams) did with theirs. In mean time, all that the rest of us can do is laugh.

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