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The One Direction BabytomlinsonImage

If you know anything at all about Sun sign Capricorns, you know that they don’t like surprises. No matter how wild and unruly any individual Capricorn might get, he or she always likes to think that everything is under control.

One Capricorn in particular, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, got a rude awakening on that score this week, when rumors began to spread that a young woman of his acquaintance was pregnant with his child. So far there’s been no confirmation of this rumor by either Tomlinson or the supposed mother, Briana Jungwirth, but neither have there been any denials.

Tomlinson was born with Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Scorpio. (Click on Louis Tomlinson to see the horoscope.) In my Mars/Venus Playbook I call this combination “The Naughty Love Child” and write, “You expect no cleansing grace from love. You expect trouble and guilt and all the sticky emotional complexities that are the inevitable outcome of human entanglements. Yet, oddly enough, this touch of wisdom (or, in some cases, cynicism) makes you no less eager for adventure . . .”

On the other hand, Tomlinson’s Moon is in Leo, and the prime goal of a person with the Moon in Leo, particularly when it’s paired with a Capricorn Sun, is to avoid embarrassment. So far, Tomlinson and the corporation that is One Direction have done a pretty good job of this, but a pregnant ex-girlfriend puts the whole enterprise to a substantial test.

The situation with Tomlinson’s horoscope right now describes a substantial test. Saturn crossed his Descendant for the first time last December. It hit it again in June and will make its last pass in Sept. When Saturn crosses an angle of the horoscope like the Descendant it usually marks a turning point in your life, and a test of your character. (Cick here to see how a similar aspect is posing a problem for Bill Cosby)

Though fans of One Direction seem to have concocted a rosy future of this thus far unacknowledged child, unexpected pregnancies are no joke. How Tomlinson handles this change in his life will define him as a person. He can either be the responsible Capricorn and shoulder his responsibilities, or remain “The Naughty Love Child” and walk away.

Nothing spoils a party like and strong Saturn transit. Even when Saturn brings us good news (as it often does) that news is generally accompanied by new responsibilities and hard choices. Since Tomlinson is a Capricorn, and has Saturn strongly placed in his chart, I have to believe that he is ready for this test, but it’ll be up to him to prove it.

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