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Scott Walker: Double Dipping in ScorpioWalkerScottImage

It seems that every four or five days another Republican announces his or her (yes, there is one her) candidacy for the nomination for president. I really have no intention of doing articles on them all, but I could hardly pass up Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker.

Walker gained fame a few years ago by gutting the teachers' union in Wisconsin. Americans hate teachers because they insist on getting paid for what regular people do for free. That is to say, put up with their kids. So, Walker’s attack on teacher unions has earned him some serious kudos from conservatives.

Of course, these same actions have painted Walker as the “boogey man” many others. None of the Republican candidates who have so far announced (with the possible exception of Donald Trump) are entering the race with as many “negatives” as Walker. But, Walker is a Scorpio by Sun sign, and Scorpios are not deterred by negative opinions. They feed on them.

Every Scorpio is born with a monkey-wrench in the back of his or her diaper that is to be thrown into any works about which other people have become complacent. That, of course, is an overstatement, but it does apply pretty well to an awful lot of people born with the Sun in Scorpio. Scorpios actually like going against the grain and incurring the wrath of other people. After all, being unloved by one group of people is often the cost of being adored by another.

A horoscope charted for noon on Walker’s birthday (click on Scott Walker to see the chart) shows us that he is a New Moon baby, with both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. In my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon, Astrology’s Dynamic Duo, I write of this combination, “You enjoy making other people uncomfortable. You want to shake them out their complacent attitudes . . .” It is this attitude that has allowed Walker to portray himself as the Tea Party wrecking ball that so many conservatives are longing for.

Unfortunately for these people, I don’t see much in this partial horoscope we have for Walker that forecasts a big win. Right now transiting Neptune is trine his Sun and transiting Jupiter is square his natal Neptune, so he is feeling optimistic, but optimism under Neptune transits typically often turns out to be illusionary.  Neptune gives us victory on a spiritual level. On the mundane plane it hands out nothing but promises.

Of course, since I'm working with a partial horoscope there’s a lot of things I can’t see. If anyone out there has a time of birth for Scott Walker, I’d be glad to reevaluate.


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