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The Semi-Disaster of the Semi-Square

I did not predict that the computers at the New York Stock Exchange would go down for four hours on Wednesday, but my forecast for July 8 was that “things could get weird.” The aspect I was looking at that day was the trine Mars was making with Neptune. Neptune tends to bring out weirdness, and unusual circumstances. At the time of the breakdown, the Moon was square Pluto, indicating temporary blockages.

Wednesday’s event was not really a big deal, but it came at a time when people who watch the stock market are feeling a lot of tension. Part of that tension has to do with the economic problems of Greece, which had recently voted to renegoitate its debt to the European Union. Also, there is talk of instability in Chinese stock market.

With the Uranus to Pluto square on the wane, the big aspect we can associate with these troubles is not so big at all. It is a semi-square, a 45 degree aspect between Saturn and Pluto. The aspect has been in force for several weeks because both planets are in a slow retrograde motion.

With this semi-square we have Saturn, the planet of power through rules and authority banging heads with Pluto, the planet of power through human fears and obsessions. When the Greeks voted to cast off the previous austerity program they were turning their fears and obsessions against the authority of the European Union. A lot people feel that this could lead to a financial meltdown in Greece that would have serious repercussions throughout the E.U. and beyond.

Meanwhile, the situation in China has been compared to the 1929 crash in the U.S. It could be a simple correction of a seriously over-heated market, or it could be an economic disaster. Since China is still a centrally controlled, mostly communist country, and not exactly forthcoming with information, it is difficult to know what is happening, but a number of American investors are getting nervous.

The semi-square is kind of a baby square. It brings the same kind of trouble and conflict we see with the square, but usually on a smaller scale. What makes this one so influential is the fact that it has within one degree for over a month. That’s unusual for a semi-square between Saturn and Pluto.

Personally, I don’t believe that we will get a major event out such a minor aspect. I think that there will a lot of worrying and cussing, but that the global financial meltdown that some people are foreseeing will be avoided. Of course, if I’m wrong, at least we’ll know that the reason that our 401Ks are suddenly worth less than $4.01 was because of a so-called minor aspect.

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