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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Hollywood breakups rarely surprise us, particularly when both parties are performers. After all, you have two people, both of whom are by definition a bit narcissistic, competing for the attention of the world. What could go right?

Still, the breakup of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner is a little surprising because, as a couple, they seemed more down to earth than most. Also, their horoscopes show an unusual degree of compatibility. (Click on Ben Affleck to see his and on Jennifer Garner to see hers.) He’s a Leo and she’s an Aries, so you have a classic Fire sign match up. Plus, her Moon in Gemini sextiles his Sun in Leo.  

The most remarkable thing about these two horoscope is that, if Garner’s time of birth is correct (it was taken from the International Movie Data Base and the original source is unknown) she and Affleck have the same degree of Cancer rising.  That puts Afflect’s Venus, which is close to his Ascendant also near Garner’s. Also, Garner’s Jupiter, which is opposite her Ascendant, is opposite Affleck’s Venus.

So, the astrological compatibility is there. However, there are other facts to consider. For the last several months Saturn has been moving back and forth is a square aspect to Affect’s natal Mars. This shows us that he has been under a lot of pressure lately, most likely related to his work. Affleck’s career has been on an upward trajectory, with a stellar performance in last year’s “Gone Girl” and the title role in the next Batman film. It’s possible that he simply worked himself out of the marriage.

In Affleck’s secondary progressed chart Venus is nearing his natal Sun. This indicates more good news with regard to his career and the expansion of his ego.  It could also indicate a new love interest.

Saturn is active in Garner’s chart as well. It opposed her natal Saturn last January, and will oppose it again in November. As I point out in my book “Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life”, these Saturn aspects represent turning point in our lives. A divorce is certainly a turning point, but there could be other factors at work, such an important move regarding her career.

Of course, there could be other things going on. Affleck has had problems with alcohol in the past or there’s always the possibility of infidelity. (His Venus in Cancer argues against this, but his Mars in Earthy Virgo gives us a wink.) However, my guess is that what broke up this marriage has more to do with the career aspirations of two ambitious people than anything else.