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Taylor Swift and the Neptune in Capricorn Generationswiftimage

A few years ago I wrote an article for The Mountain Astrologer on the generation born with Neptune in Capricorn, which at that time was just reaching maturity. One of the things I always consider in my articles on generational astrology is pop music, since Neptune is strongly associated with both popular culture and music. For the Neptune in Capricorn generation I predicted that the biggest changes would involve the business of music.

Recently, Taylor Swift, one of the more prominent musicians of the Neptune in Capricorn generation, proved me right. When Amazon decided to give customers the option of downloading music for free, thus cutting the royalties that would be paid to artists, Swift chastised them on social media. The result was that Amazon, one of the corporate giants of the age, backed down.

They used to call Frank Sinatra “the chairman of the board” but I dare say he never attended a board meeting. I’m sure that Taylor Swift also has never been in a board room, but she apparently knows how to get the attention of the members. A recent article in Time called her, not just a talented performer, but also a business leader.

There are a couple of different times of birth out there for Taylor Swift, so I going to use a chart done for noon. (Click on her name to see the horoscope.) In that chart we see that Swift has Neptune in Capricorn conjunct both Mercury and Saturn. On a personal level Neptune is not a “business” planet. It is the planet of compassion, spirituality and creativity. Mercury (the wheeler-dealer) and Saturn (the banker) are the business planets, and in Swift’s horoscope we have them matched up with creative Neptune in the most business-like sign, Capricorn.

When I wrote my article on the Neptune in Capricorn generation there was actually still a store down the road from me that sold CDs. I was aware that the marketplace for music was changing, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the industry to see the kinds of changes that were coming. What I did know was that artists born with Neptune in Capricorn were going to be concerned about more than just the sound of their music. They were going to be involved in the business of selling it as well.

Taylor Swift’s actions are just one example of the changes this generation has brought to the business of buying and selling music. As the article in Time points out, the people buying the music (mostly young people from the Neptune in Capricorn generation) think of the artists and the corporations that represent them as a unit. There is little of no concern about a powerful “label” inhibiting the creativity of an artist. It’s a business relationship, and the bulk of today’s customers seem to have no problem with that.

Of course, as with everything I write about generational astrology, I have to add the disclaimer that NO ONE IS, OR SHOULD BE, A PERFECT REPRESENTATIVE OF HIS OR HER GENERATION. We have plenty of Neptune in Capricorn musicians who avoid dealing with corporations, and Neptune in Capricorn consumers who search out their music. Of course, these people are also creating a new paradigm for expressing Neptunian creativity. They're just using a different business model.

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