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Bobby Jindal and the Gemini Factor

Astrologer got a break a while back when Louisiana Governor, and then possible presidential contender Bobby Jindal released his birth certificate on line. This allows us to chart a complete horoscope for Jindal. (Click on Bobby Jindal to see the chart.)  Of course, Jindal’s real motivation had more to do with the fact that his parents had only recently emigrated to the U.S. from India when he was born. He wanted to head off a “birther” controversy.

Jindal is a Gemini by Sun sign, with his Moon in ambitious Capricorn. In my book “Father Sun, Mother Moon” I write of this combination, “You are an ambitious Gemini with a need for personal achievement”, and “Your quick mind tends to be geared more toward long-range planning and responsibility than most people of this Sun sign.”

Jindal has certainly displayed a knack for long-range planning. Since he dropped his given name (Piyush) in grade school and took the “nick” name Bobby, Jindal has done everything needed to position himself for a career in politics. He converted from his the Hinduism of his parents to Catholicism. He became a Rhodes Scholar (like Bill Clinton), he married at just the right age (28, after considering the priesthood) and had just the right number of kids (two).

He then became the governor of a state prone to crisis, and rich in oil, allowing him to display his Gemini problem-solving skills and his Capricorn knack of handling money. Thanks to these efforts, Jindal become a leading light within the Republican Party. The next step came a few days ago, when he announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

Interestingly, Jindal’s announcement came as transiting Saturn opposed his natal Saturn. In my book, “Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life”, I describe this transit as part of our life long Saturn cycle. When one of these transits comes up, we typically reach a crossroads in the course of our lives.

So, Bobby has timed the beginning of his campaign perfectly as far as astrology is concerned. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to win. The field is crowded (something like 13 candidates so far). Also, Jindal’s Gemini intellect has already gotten him into trouble.

Last year Jindal told his fellow Republicans that they could no longer be the party of “stupid”. Apparently, Jindal has some problems with the famously backward Republican “base”. But winning the nomination without that “stupid” base is going to be difficult.

Two things happen in Jindal’s horoscope next year that should make him a candidate to watch. First of all, his secondary progressed Moon moves from his Twelfth House to his First House. The progressed Moon tends to function at a very personal level. Still, the move into the First should add greatly to his personal appeal at a crucial moment in the campaign.

The second aspect involves transiting Neptune, which will be moving over Jindal’s Descendant during the spring and summer of next year. Neptune does not do well in politics. It brings unpredictability, a lack of focus and, sometimes, scandal. The fact that it is crossing the Descendant indicates that the source of these problems will be a partner or ally, and not Jindal.

Personally, I think the astrological timing of Jindal candidacy gives him an edge in this campaign. If nothing else, the next year should solidify his political objectives, one way or another. Also, it will be interesting to see how this intellectual Gemini fares with the often “anti-intellectual” Republican base.

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