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Brian Williams’ Walk of Shame

Fans of “The Game of Thrones” will recognize this reference to Cerci’s naked trudge from a prison cell to the royal residence surrounded by commoners shouting “shame” and throwing offal at her. (People who aren't familiar with the show only have to understand that this was long overdue.) Brian Williams has begun a modern version of this walk. He’s submitting to interviews on national TV in which he profusely apologizes for the lies he told.

I wrote an article several months ago attributing Williams fall from grace to a combination of a square between Uranus and his Sun in his natal chart, and the conjunction of transiting Uranus with his natal Mercury. (Click here to see the article.) (Click on Brian Williams to see a chart done for noon on his birthday.) Uranus needs excitement, and the lies Williams told made him seem much exciting than he really is.

If I were Williams’ astrologer I would have recommended that he wait until Jupiter was trine transiting Uranus and his natal Mercury and then try and seek some redemption for his egregious actions. It is interesting that this is exactly what Williams did. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and good impressions, had just moved into this trine when Williams was interviewed by Matt Lauer on Thursday. The aspect continued to be in force as the second part of the interview was aired on Friday.

Astrology can be very useful in picking the best dates for a particular action. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the action is going to be successful. I could pick the best date for you to try and jump the Grand Canyon on your motorcycle. All that would mean is that you would feel really good about yourself until the moment you started plummeting in to your death.

The same principle applies to Brian Williams’ walk of shame. The fact that he’s done it at the optimum astrological time doesn’t mean that the public is going to accept his apology for violating their trust. On the other hand, the deal Williams seems to have worked out with NBC, which allows him to continue working for the network with a much lower profile and for less money might be counted as a bit of Jupiter good fortune.

Perhaps the best thing Brian Williams has going for him is the fact that we’re still living under the waning influence of the Uranus to Pluto square. As long as we have Islamic fundamentalist filming themselves cutting off head, or police officers wresting teenage girls to the ground, or white supremacists shooting up black churches, how can we get serious about exaggerated claims of heroism made by a television journalist.