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How Does it All Work?

I have to admit that it does sound farfetched, the idea that planets millions of miles away from the Earth could have any influence on human minds and human affairs. Over the years astrologers have struggled to explain how such a thing could be possible. There’s been talk of “rays” and electromagnetic fields, but no hard proof. For me, however, the explanation of how astrology works has everything to do time.

We know that time can be measured quantitatively. We can watch the movement of the hands of a clock, or the number on a digital display. The horoscope can be seen as a kind of a clock. In the horoscope we see the entire solar system functioning as a means of measuring the quantity of time.

What the horoscope does that is different from the calendar and the clock is that it measures time, not just quantitatively, but also qualitatively. The underlying concept that guides all types of astrology is that every moment in time has a different quality.

We also know that time relates to space. For a person in a vehicle traveling through space at near the speed of light, time will move at a different rate than it will for another person standing still. The person on the spaceship returns from his voyage and has hardly aged at all. During the same period his friend who was standing still has become an old man.

Astrology supposes a similar relationship between time and human consciousness. We humans are sensitive to the changes in the quality of time in ways that we have yet to understand. That sensitivity is why measurements made of that big clock that is our solar system at the moment of our birth matter, and why the movements of that clock continue to matter to us during the course of our lives.

For the past four thousand years astrologers all over the world have be trying to perfect their ability to interpret the quality of a moment in time through the horoscope. Still, our efforts are admittedly crude. It’s difficult to learn anything definitive about concepts as elusive as the quality of time and human consciousness. That’s why there are so many types of astrology and so many different techniques.

And yet, astrology stands out as the only systematic study of these phenomena; the only body of knowledge that seeks to understand human consciousness as a part of time and the universe. Psychics, tarot readers and so on approach the same mystery, but from a subjective point of view.  Astrologers, for the most part, do their work in an objective (some might say scientific) manner.

This is the rationale that I use to continue my study of astrology. I understand that is not based on hard facts. There is no proof that the quality of one moment is different from the next, and there are many who claim that human consciousness is nothing but an illusion. Still, it gives us hope of a connection beyond our fleshly struggles here on Earth, a way of understanding human nature, not just as random sparks zipping through an electrified piece of meat, but as a manifestation of the infinite.

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