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Brian Wilson and NeptunewilsonBrianImage

The biopic on Brian Wilson that was released Friday reminded me of that musical genius’ horoscope, and the double-edged quality of Neptune. Neptune has always been associated with creativity, particularly in music, but Neptune’s influence can also be detrimental.

The first thing we notice about Brian Wilson’s horoscope, (click on the name to see the chart) is that Uranus is close to his Ascendant. Uranus is the planet of innovation and when it is on one of the angles of the horoscope it tells us that this is a person who, for better or worse, is going to break away from the herd and go his or her own way.

However, in Wilson’s case Uranus is conjunct Saturn and sextile Mars and Pluto. During his early years Wilson’s life was dominated by his abusive father, who tried to control his son’s burgeoning career. Wilson’s struggle for individuality, both on a musical level and a psychological level, was severely hampered. To make matters worse, Mars and Pluto are also strongly placed in the horoscope, being within range of a conjunction to his I.C. and the cusp of the Fourth House of home and family.

The problems represented by this set of aspects is significant enough, but then we have Neptune, which forms a close square to Wilson’s Sun. This is an aspect that conveys a great deal of creativity. I see it as the source of the remarkable music that Wilson produced. However, Neptune blurs boundaries, and square the Sun, it blurs the boundaries of the self.

The Sun square Neptune often saps a person’s drive and will-power. It creates confusion about who you really are, and what you need to accomplish. Escapism (often through drugs and alcohol) is a common problem with this aspect, as is inactivity and passivity. The person surrenders easily to the will of another. The fact that Wilson’s Sun is in Mutable Gemini, which also provides for a fluid sense of self, only exacerbated the problem.

For many years Brian Wilson was virtually held prisoner by a combination of mental illness, drugs and a psychologist who essentially became the troubled musician live-in guru. The psychologist sought to control every part of Wilson’s life and his money. Wilson, with his unstructured sense of self, accepted this control.

Fortunately, you can’t keep a person with Uranus on the Ascendant a prisoner forever. The need for freedom and independence is just too strong. So, with the help of his second wife, Wilson eventually found a way to escape all of his jailers and return to the work that he loved. But the scars of all those years when he was on the bad side of Neptune are still there.


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