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Astrology at Work: Marilyn Monroe

What wage slave has not dreamed of a stranger coming into their office, or factory, or coffee shop, discovering within them some hidden talent, and then whisking them away to a life of glamour and riches? It’s not the sort of thing that happens very often, but I do know of one remarkable instance, and the astrology of it is quite interesting.

In late 1944 an 18 year-old beauty named Norma Jean Dougherty was working in a factory in California. A photographer stopped by to take some pictures of the female workers to document the war effort. Young Norma Jean was so striking, and seemed so natural in front of the camera, that the photographer invited her to pose for more pictures.

 Other offers followed and soon Norma Jean had a career as a model. Over the next couple of years she signed with a modeling agency, divorced her husband, got a contract with 20th Century Fox and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.

At the time when factory worker Norma Jean was “discovered”, Uranus was moving back and forth across her natal Sun. Uranus brings us surprises and drastic changes. They are not always pleasant surprises, but when Uranus is working in our favor, the impact of its transit can be gloriously life changing.

Luck plays a big part in the way Uranus works. Why did that particular photographer pick that particular factory to photograph? But, of course, you have to have the talent to take advantage of that luck, and the willingness to change. We all know that Marilyn Monroe had the talent. She also had a horoscope full of Mutable Signs (click here to see the chart), which gave her the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances.

Another thing that was going on in Marilyn Monroe’s horoscope in late 1944 involved her secondary progressions. Her secondary progressed Venus had moved into a square aspect with her natal Moon. Monroe’s Moon was the real secret to her stardom. It allowed her to project a quality of vulnerability to which audiences responded with empathy. She wasn’t just a beauty. She was a beauty who pulled at our heart strings.

Marilyn Monroe’s Moon is involved in a complex set of aspects. It is opposed by Neptune and square to Saturn. The aspect by Monroe’s progressed Venus (which was in her 10th House of career) to her Moon gave Marilyn the opportunity to display her special beauty to the world. However, as Venus progressed into aspects with her natal Saturn and Neptune, that good fortune brought with it burdens that weighed heavily on Monroe’s fragile psyche. In the end her vulnerability was too real for her own good.

A Uranus aspect is sort of a “ready or not” situation. Uranus doesn’t really care if we’re tough enough to withstand the changes it brings. It does what it does and it’s up to us to deal with the consequences. And yet, when you see a Uranus transit coming, it’s hard not to get a little excited, and start looking for that stranger who’s going to forever change your life.