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Is there an astrological aspect for irony?HastertImage

I’m referring to the irony of Dennis Hastert, the former Speaker of the House who spearheaded the effort to impeach Bill Clinton for trying to hide his affair with Monica Lewinsky back in 1998, being indicted after he lied to the F.B.I. about a large sum of money he had withdrawn from his bank in order to pay off a man he had allegedly sexually abused fifty years ago.  It seems to be a situation that cries out for some astrological irony.

As it happens, I don’t see much connection between what was happening in Hastert’s horoscope in 1998 and what’s going on now. Of course, I’m dealing with only a partial horoscope. We do not know Hastert’s time of birth. (Click on the name to see Dennis Hastert’s chart done for noon.)

What we can see in Hastert’s partial horoscope is that his natal Mercury in being squared by transiting Uranus. This is an aspect for shocking news, and I image that the indictment was just that for Hastert. If there is any irony in this situation, it is comes out of the fact that Bill Clinton was also under a difficult aspect to his natal Mercury during the Lewinsky affair. A debilitated Mercury usually leads to a “what was he thinking” moment. This could be said of both men.

Another similarity between Hastert and Clinton is that his Sun sign, Capricorn, and Bill Clinton’s Leo, are the two signs of the zodiac most concerned with how they are perceived by others. Capricorn people need to be seen as capable and in control. Leo wants to be perceived as dignified and heroic. So, it comes as no surprise that both men got into trouble trying to protect their public image.

When I look at a partial horoscope like Hastert’s it is tempting to speculate about what the real deal would look like. I noticed that if he was born at around 6PM his Moon would be at 15 degrees of Cancer in the Twelfth House. That would put it in an opposition aspect with transiting Pluto right now. The Moon relates to children, the Twelfth House secrets, and Pluto with power gone astray. Even though it's just speculation, it does tell a nice story.

The bad news for Hastert is that this is just the first pass of transiting Uranus squaring his Mercury. The aspect will repeat two more times before the end of the year. So this scandal, and the resulting irony, is not likely to go away quickly.

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