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The Agony of (Self) Defeat

A few weeks ago I wrote some fairly kind things about Jeb Bush, contrasting his intellectual Aquarian personality with the emotional Cancer personality of his brother, George W.  Recently, however, Jeb Bush has been saying rather “unintellectual” things that are, at the very least, counter-productive to his hopes of becoming the Republican nominee for president.

When asked if, knowing what he knows now, he would have invaded Iraq like his brother did, Jeb Bush first answered “yes”, then equivocated and then, a few days later, changed his answer to “no”. Later, when asked to whom he would turn for advice on the Middle East, Jeb said he would rely on his brother. So, on the one hand, Jeb Bush disavowed the Middle East policies of George, while on the other he wants to use George as an advisor on the same area. Someone has not been thinking things through.

What’s going on in Jeb Bush’s horoscope right now (click on the name to see his chart) is transiting Saturn squaring his natal Mercury. This is an aspect that makes it difficult for even creative people to think outside the box. There’s a tendency to get locked into erroneous assumptions and faulty logic. (Bill Clinton was under a similar aspect when he tried to define fellatio as something other than sexual relations.) The aspect also causes us to hang on to outmoded concepts because they make us feel safe and secure.

For Jeb Bush, the idea that he has to support his family and stand by his brother is comforting. However, from a purely political viewpoint, it is also outmoded. There are too many problems, both in the Middle East and elsewhere, that can be laid at the feet of George W to make him anything but a political liability.

Another transit that is impacting Jeb Bush’s chart is the opposition of his natal Uranus by Pluto. Normally I wouldn’t consider this an important transit, but Uranus is in Bush’s Tenth House, which rules career and how we are perceived by the public at large. This gives the aspect added weight.

Uranus in the Tenth can describe a spectacular rise in life, or a spectacular fall. It also tells us that this is a person who has to make his own way. This is pretty much what Jeb Bush did in his political career in Florida, separated from his family’s home base in Texas. The opposition to Pluto, however, represents a challenge, a challenge that comes less from outside forces and more from deep personal issues.

Pluto in Bush’s natal chart is opposed to his Sun. In my first article on Jeb Bush (click here to see the article) I said that this aspect provides for frustrations and inhibitions that could make it difficult for Bush to really let his Sun shine the way it should. These obstacles can come from outside forces, but they are much more likely to be linked to deep, psychological issues.

With this in mind, we have to wonder if the opposition of transiting Pluto to Bush’s Tenth House Uranus isn’t bringing to light some of these deep insecurities and blockages. Jeb Bush has yet to officially announce his candidacy, but it could be that on a subconscious level he is already working toward his own defeat. This would help explain why an intellectual Aquarian would behave in such an “unintellectual” fashion.

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