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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth DianaCharlotte

Astrologers love royal births because the birth time is carefully noted and typically published. In past centuries, of course, a court astrologer would have immediately gone to work on a horoscope for the newest member of the royal family. Nowadays, sadly, there’s not much of demand for court astrologers, but that doesn’t stop random astrologers like me from taking a shot.

The first thing I notice about the horoscope of the daughter recently born to Prince William and Princess Kate (click here to see the chart) is that she has the Sun in Taurus with the Moon in Libra. In my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo I say of this combination, “you are an affable and peace-loving soul who finds comfort in harmonious surroundings and beautiful things. You dislike conflict and typically avoid situations that seem prone to result in strife”. The fact that Princess Charlotte has Cancer Rising will add a charming touch of shyness and sensitivity to her Venus ruled, eager-to-please personality.

On the other hand, there are some aspects in her chart that are likely to disrupt her generally peaceful nature. The new princess’ Sun is square Jupiter, telling us that she will have an expansive personality and a strong ego. Even though she may not be the loudest or the most dramatic persona in the room, Princess Charlotte will find ways to get attention and impress people.

Also, Charlotte’s Moon is opposed to Uranus. Taurus people are typically conservative, practical folks who appreciate comfortable sameness and abhor change. This Taurus, however, will be much more reckless and prone to rebellion. She’s not going to be comfortable living with the restrictions of a royal lifestyle. She will look for excitement and for ways to express her individuality. Every generation of the royal family seems to have its scandals. My guess is that Charlotte will be at the center of the next one's.

The most worrisome aspect in this horoscope is the opposition between the princess’ Mercury and Saturn. This aspect provides for intense periods of depression and negative thinking. There is also a tendency to say things that may sound clever in her head, but come out of her mouth sounding caustic and cruel. The combination of a Taurus Sun, and Libra Moon and Cancer Rising gives this person a wonderfully loving nature. Unfortunately, there will be times when she will have great difficulty expressing that affection.

So, it looks like the newly minted princess will be in for a bumpy life. However, the strength of her Taurus Sun, emphasized by the square to Jupiter, should help her survive these bumps. Taurus people are tough, and hard aspects like the ones we see in this chart are often the source of a strong, even formidable character. More important, the essential kindness and good-heartedness of her nature will frequently earn her forgiveness that she otherwise could not expect, particularly from the people who know her best, like her royal family.

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