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Bruce Jenner Finally SpeaksJennerBruceImage

After many months of speculation, Bruce Jenner finally admitted that he is becoming a female. The announcement was made in a suitably spectacular media event, a nationally aired television interview with Diane Sawyer. Jenner explained in the interview that he has always wanted to be a woman, even when he was a child, even when he was winning gold medals in track and field events in the 1976 Olympics.

Of course, all of this has prompted astrologers to look at Bruce Jenner’s horoscope for clues. (Click on the name to see the chart.) The thing that jumps out at us in the chart is the close square between the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Aquarius. Typically, this configuration coincides with a conflict between the father and mother which strongly influences the person, or a situation in which the person feels pulled between two strong-willed parents.

I don’t know anything about Bruce Jenner’s early years, but it would seem that in his case the conflict between masculine and feminine was much more personal and biological than is the norm for this aspect.

Even without the aspect this combination of Sun and Moon signs has an explosive potential. In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon” I say of this combination, “If, on the other hand, you find yourself more a victim to the powerful drives that rule your personality, you will often appear ineffectual and confused. Your energy and your attention will be absorbed by inner battles as you are pulled between the power of your emotions and the allure of pure intellect.”

Another striking feature in Jenner’s horoscope is the conjunction of Neptune with the South Node of the Moon in the Twelfth House. Since astrologers link the Nodes of the Moon with karma and fate, Neptune with the strange and mysterious and the Twelfth with hidden things, this placement has deep and rather mystical ramifications. Not surprisingly, it is to Neptune and the South Node that the strongest transiting aspects are applying right now in Jenner’s chart.

At present, transiting Pluto is square Jenner’s Neptune and Nodes of the Moon. Last year, when questions about a sex change began to raised, transiting Uranus was also involved. It was opposite Jenner’s Neptune and conjunct the North Node of the Moon. This would indicate that the true reasons behind Jenner’s situation are rooted in matters beyond normal reality, perhaps in a past life experience or a spiritual crisis.

Despite Jenner’s big revelation, there are still many questions lingering around his sex change. People wonder why a 65 year-old man who has been married three times and fathered six children would opt for such a radical change at this point in his life. Another oddity is the fact that Jenner claims to only be attracted to women. (Does he think it will be easier to get dates if he’s wearing a dress?) However, this kind of strangeness is very much to be expected when Neptune is involved.

The big question, of course, is whether or not Jenner will continue to be a fixture on “reality” TV. It is tempting to see his personal drama as the preview of a new series. However, even though Jenner has his Sun placed in the near his Ascendant (a “show-off” placement), he is still a Scorpio. As his long silence on the issue of his sex change proves, there will always be a section of his life that will be off-limits to the public.

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