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Catching up With the Game of Thrones

A couple of years ago I wrote a series of articles speculating on the Sun signs of prominent character from the HBO series, Game of Throne. The series has moved along since then and a lot of characters have been killed off, still I thought it might be interesting to review the character I matched with each of the twelve signs. (Click on the name to see the original article.)

Arya Stark – Aries
Ned Stark -- Taurus
Tyrion Lannister – Gemini
Catelyn Stark – Cancer
Rob Stark – Leo
Bronn – Virgo
Sansa Stark – Libra
Cercei Lannister – Scorpio

Jamie Lannister -- Scorpio
King Robert Baratheon – Sagittarius
Jon Snow – Capricorn
Varys – Aquarius
Daenerys – Pisces

As the series as evolved, we’ve got to see more of some of the characters I left out. Here are my sign designations for some of them:

Brienne of Tarth – Brienne is loyal, determined, soft-hearted with her friends and tough on her enemies. I see her as a Taurus, maybe with a bit of a Water sign thrown in.

Petyr Baelish – Little Finger is a bit of enigma. He’s a slick manipulator on the outside, but inside he is driven by an obsessive infatuation that began in his childhood. I vote for a Cancer Sun sign for him, hidden beneath a cool Libra Ascendant and Pluto somewhere significant.

Podrick Payne – Podrick is eager to please and a bit awkward. He’s not really a warrior, but he will fight for the people he cares about. I would guess that he is a Libra.

Stannis Baratheon – Stannis is probably the easiest character to figure out. His part seems to have been purposely written with all the worst Capricorn traits in mind. Stannis’ understanding of people goes no farther than fear and intimidation. He metes out punishment to the man who saved his life (and broke the law in the process.) He is the kind of stiff, stern, emotionally clueless Capricorn that even Capricorns avoid.

Samwell Tarly – Sam entered the plot as an outsider, and he’s been something of an outsider ever since. I see him as an Aquarius with a heavy Pisces or Libra influence. He’s someone who wants to be loved but always ends up being the odd man out.

Margaery Tyrell – The key to Margaery’s survival has been her ability to adapt, and to change sides with aplomb. She is now engaged to her third aspirant to the throne. That’s not luck. That’s a very clever and very practical Virgo playing all the angles just right.

Theon Greyjoy – Theon might seem to be the most difficult character to judge, since his personality has gone through a monstrous change. But I see the thoughtless playboy he was in season one and the brain-washed toady he appeared to be last season as both representing different extremes of Pisces.

Does anybody else have an opinion on this matter? I’d love to opinion of more Game of Thrones fans.