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Joan Jett, and It Is About TimeJettJoanImage

I saw in the news a couple of days ago that Joan Jett was admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My first thought was, “What was the hold up?” This is the woman who sang “I love Rock and Roll”, and made it cool for a woman to front a hard rock band. Why did she have to wait over 30 years (the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was started in 1983) for this honor?

Once I got over this minor tantrum, I took a look at Joan Jett’s horoscope, and I got another lesson in timeliness. Joan Jett was born on Sept. 22, 1958 in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Her time of birth was listed as 4PM EDST. (Click on her name to see a chart done for this time.) However, in Pennsylvania during the 1950s there was a state law requiring hospitals to use standard time rather than daylight savings time.

What this means is that a horoscope done for the prevailing time zone in Pennsylvania in 1958 would be one hour off from the actual time of birth. I’ve run across the problem with birth times in other states as well, particularly states where the line between times zones shifted over the years. Also, before 1967, the decision to use or not use daylight savings time was a local matter. One county might use it, while the county next door would not.

Joan Jett’s horoscope is an excellent illustration of how this change in time can alter a chart. A chart done for standard time for Jett (click on Jett to see this horoscope) has the same basic information as the chart done for DST. We still have the Sun on the last degree of Virgo, Capricorn rising and the Moon in Aquarius. Nonetheless, the differences are major.

The standard time horoscope places Jett’s conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune on her Midheaven. What better description of an over-the-top rock and roll musician could we have?  It moves the Sun from the Eight House to the Ninth. (Yes, I know. Sexuality played a big role in Jett’s music, but we have Pluto in the Eighth square Mars to take care of that.) What the Sun in the Ninth describes is the way that she made rock and roll a cause, and an expression of both personal freedom and female empowerment.

Finally, the standard time chart moves Jett’s Mars from the Fourth House to the Fifth House of passion and creativity, where it squares her Pluto. This is where we see the hard-charging aggressiveness and sexiness of Jett’s music.

It is obvious to me that the standard time chart is the one that works best for Jett. Of course, unless the time zone used is listed on her birth certificate, which is rarely the case, we can never know for certain which is time is correct. I’ve encountered a lot of horoscopes in which I’ve had to guess at which time zone was used. It’s not the best way to do astrology, but it’s all that we can do.

The basic message here is that, if you born at a time and place when the time zone and daylight saving time was left to local juridictions, don’t take your time of birth for granted. Check your birth certificate or, if you can, check with the hospital. That one hour discrepancy can make a world of difference.

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