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Mark Rubio Enters the Race

The third shoe has dropped. Mark Rubio, the third Republican congressman expected to go for the presidential nomination announced his candidacy several days ago. (Click on Mark Rubio to see a horoscope charted for noon on his birthday).

Rubio’s selling point is different from that of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. Cruz sites his conservative views on social issues. Paul draws on his libertarian ideas. Rubio, on the other hand, tell us of his phenomenal rise from a poor son of Cuban immigrants to a seat in the U.S. Congress. It’s a message that plays well in stump speeches, although how it will impress the big money donors that make a modern political campaign work remains to be seen.

Rubio also differs from Cruz and Rand, both of whom are Sun sign Capricorns, because he is a Gemini. This is why his candidacy comes at us with a lighter, less intense message. As a Gemini, he will be more adaptable than his Capricorn opponents, and this could help him in what is sure to be a long political battle. However, I also see some potential problems in Rubio’s chart.

Rubio’s Sun forms a wide opposition with his Neptune and Jupiter. In some ways this aspect adds to his appeal, making him a friendlier, cuddlier candidate, but it will also make it difficult for him to stay focused on his message.

He has Mars square his Mercury and Venus. Mars is also trine his Uranus, as is his Sun. There’s a part of Rubio that doesn’t like to be tied down to a script; that wants to speak out boldly and impulsively. This side of Rubio can be wild, unpredictable and downright angry.

A lot depends on the placement of Rubio’s Moon. It could be in Cancer or Leo, depending on what time of day he was born. If it’s in Cancer, then the conservative tendencies of that sign will help him keep his inner berserker in check. If it’s in fiery Leo, then all bets are off.

In November and December of this year transiting Saturn will oppose Rubio’s natal Sun. This will be a decisive time for him, and it could be the time when those Mars and Uranus aspects in his chart get let off the chain.

In some ways, an unpremeditated outburst could help Rubio, allowing him to tap into the real strength of his horoscope and making him a more interesting candidate. But in the heavily scrutinized and highly choreographed political world of today, it could also be the death of his campaign. We’ll have to wait and see.

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