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Uranus and Jodi AriasJodiArias Image

The sentencing of Jodi Arias yesterday put an end to one of the most publicized murder trials in recent memory. It also featured a remarkable change of heart. After saying she would prefer the death penalty after her conviction of murdering her boyfriend, Arias ended up pleading with the judge to spare her life. (Click on the name to see a horoscope for Jodi Arias charted for noon on her birthday.)

When I wrote about Arias last year (click here to see the article) I pointed out that Mercury in her horoscope was under tremendous pressure. It forms close aspects to Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. This tells us that Arias’ thinking processes are under a lot of different influences and prone to sharp changes and faulty reasoning.

Added to these natal considerations is the fact that transiting Uranus is moving into a square with her Sun. This transit reinforces the aspect to Arias’ natal Uranus made by Mercury, which is the most positive of the several aspects her Mercury makes. At its best, Uranus brings us clarity. It brings the brainstorm that completely changes our thinking.  Judging by her comments at the sentencing hearing, Arias had undergone one of those Uranian brainstorms.

Of course, Uranus square the Sun also describes a big change in one’s way of living. Now sentenced to life with no possibility of parole, Arias’ life has definitely been set on a new track.

At the present time Arias’ secondary progressed Mars was conjunct her natal Pluto and square her Mercury. So the pressure on Mercury continues, only now it is coupled with the influence of Mars on Pluto. There is a potential for violence in this aspect, but it can also lend itself to transformation through suffering. I suppose that’s what prison is supposed to do, but it rarely happens. Maybe Arias will be the exception.