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Life or Death for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

I don’t think anyone was surprised that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, was convicted on all counts a couple of days ago. All that remains now is to for the jury to decide on his sentence, either life in prison or death.

Shortly after the bombing, I wrote about Dzhokhar’s brother, Tamerlan. I noted that he had Mars square Pluto in his horoscope, an aspect that in many cases lends itself to violence and extreme acts that bring down public censure. (Click here to read that article.) The situation with the horoscope of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is somewhat different. (Click on the name to see a chart done for noon on his birthday.)

A partial horoscope done for Dzhokhar reveals that he was born with his Sun in the last degree of Cancer, an emotional Sun sign that tends to place great emphasis on family loyalty. His Mercury is opposed to both Uranus and Neptune, indicating that he is particularly susceptible to extreme, revolutionary ideas and delusional thinking. The defense in this case contended that Dzhokhar was led into this crime by his deranged brother. I think his horoscope supports that contention.

Appropriately enough, when the verdict was handed down the transiting Sun was moving into a square with Tsarnaev’s Mercury to Uranus and Neptune opposition. This tells us that this natal opposition is a significant factor in his situation. Astrologers don’t always give Mercury the credit it deserves, but bad ideas and muddled thinking can bring us down just as quickly and issues involving the Sun or Moon.

Next week, when the sentencing phase of the trial begins, Uranus will be moving into a similar configuration with Tsarnaev’s Mercury opposition. To me this indicates that this phase of the trial will bring us a surprise, and what would be more surprising than if the jury decided against the death penalty.

If I had a complete horoscope I might be able to make a more definite prediction, but I don’t. Predicting events involving Uranus is always dangerous, because the influence of this planet tends to shoot off in unforeseeable ways. I can say that my judgment in this matter has not been skewed by an innate abhorrence of the death penalty. My personal feeling is that life for a twenty-one year old in Federal prison would be only a shade less dreadful than death.

Which would you vote for, if you were on the jury? Would it be life of death? We always appreciate your comments.


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