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Rand Paul Makes a RunRandPaulImage

A couple of weeks ago, when Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president, I said that he had picked a day in which there was nothing important going on in his horoscope. (Click here to see that article.) For Rand Paul, who announced his bid today, the situation is very different. He has a lot important aspects going on right now.

We do not have a time of birth for Rand Paul, but a partial horoscope done for noon on his birthday (click on his name to see the horoscope) reveals that Paul is a Capricorn by Sun sign, like Ted Cruz. However, whereas Cruz has three planets in emotional Scorpio, Paul’s chart has a more intellectual look.

Paul has Mercury in Aquarius in a close quincunx with Uranus, the modern ruler of that sign. This Air sign theme is supported by his Moon in Gemini. Paul is an idea person. He has already distinguished himself among Republicans with his thoughtful and sometimes controversial positions on a variety of issues. He led a push against government surveillance and the indiscriminant use of drones, and his reservations concerning U.S. military incursions on foreign soil have some members of his own party calling him an isolationist.

Paul’s outside-the-box thinking (so typical of a person with Mercury in Aquarius) has won him praise from people of various political stripes. However, he’s running for the nomination of a party that seems to value dogma over innovation. It remains to be seen how Paul’s unique approach to conservative ideology will play with the Republican base.

With regard to the timing of his announcement, however, Rand Paul was right on target. He has the Sun placed at 16 degree of Capricorn, putting it in the crosshairs of the ongoing Uranus to Pluto square. Pluto is within a degree of conjuncting his Sun and Uranus is moving into a square. To perfect the timing, the transiting Sun and Mercury are both near Uranus and squaring his natal Sun.

(Paul’s Sun sits almost directly opposite the Cancer Sun of Amanda Knox, who was recently treated very kindly by a similar set of transits involving Uranus and Pluto.)

For Paul these aspects have been a call to action, a time to move forward with the ambitious aspirations that come from his Capricorn Sun. Right now he seems to be responding more to Uranus, which brings dramatic changes and a need to put our good fortune to the test. However, the influence of transiting Uranus in his chart is fairly fleeting. That aspect will grow distant by the end of the month. Pluto, on the other hand, will be hanging around Paul's Capricorn Sun for the next two years.

Pluto’s influence tends to weigh us down. If forces us to face hard questions and come to grips with our limitations. Now that he has launched himself as a national figure, Paul’s ideas are going to be studied and criticized by a lot of people, some of whom are not going to be friendly. My guess is that, under Pluto’s influence, Paul is going to spend more time during this campaign season defending himself than advancing his cause, and that will be the death of his candidacy.

So, even though Rand Paul’s launch of his campaign coincides with a crucial time in his horoscope, I have a feeling that it was not the right time. A hard aspect from transiting Uranus can be a call to action, but the actions it inspires rarely go as planned. And the influence of Pluto tends to turn our focus inward. Still, Rand’s candidacy will be a chance for him to put his ideas in front of the public, and what more could an “idea man” ask for.

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