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The Liberation of Amanda Knox

I have to admit that I was surprised when I learned last week that the Italian appeals court had exonerated Amanda Knox. (Click on the name to see her chart.) I had looked at her horoscope a few days prior to the ruling and I didn’t think that the situation was at all hopeful.  Her natal Sun, at 16 degrees of Cancer, was caught in the vice of the ongoing Uranus square Pluto aspect, with Uranus square the Sun and Pluto opposed. These are rough aspects and would typically be associated with traumatic events and bad outcomes.

Transiting Uranus is also making a trine to her natal Saturn, which does speak of a surprising turn with regard to a judgment by figures of authority, but didn’t think this was enough to turn the tide. The afflictions to Knox’s Sun were just too powerful.

At the time I was preparing to write an article on Knox’s case, but other matters came up and I didn’t complete my research. After the verdict came down, however, I went back to Knox’s chart. This time I also considered her secondary progressed horoscope; and this revealed what I had previously missed.

Right now Knox’s secondary progressed Venus is moving across her natal I.C., while her secondary progressed Moon is trine her Jupiter. These are two very positive aspects. Aspects like this place a person inside a protective bubble into which nothing unpleasant can penetrate. Progressions show us the evolution of the horoscope and of the person’s life. These aspects indicate an evolution toward a more peaceful existence.

These secondary progressed aspects place the aspect between transiting Uranus and natal Saturn in a very different context. Certainly the judges, represented by Saturn, would surprise (Uranus) observers both in Italy and the U.S. by ruling in Knox’s favor. The positive trine aspect makes this very clear.

So what about the aspect to her natal Sun? Well, first of all the peacefulness predicted by Knox’s secondary progressed Venus will be postponed for a few weeks, until Uranus moves away from its square to her Sun. Her life will continue to be disrupted, perhaps by the press, perhaps by other issues for a while.

The aspect from transiting Pluto to her Sun is going to hang around for another year or so. This is an indicator of slow and often painful transformation. We are forced to face our limitations and adopt a different point of view. One thing that Knox is going to have to deal with is that, with her case now settled, her celebrity status is on the decline. This might seem like a positive development right now, but it is will require a major adjustment of her self-image.

Also, in December of 2015, Saturn will be crossing Knox’s Descendant. The planet will then move on to make three contacts with her natal Saturn in 2016. As I explain in my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life, these are life-changing aspects that generally coincide with important steps in either our career or our personal journey toward maturity. I understand that Knox recently became engaged, so a marriage is likely to be one of these events. There will be others.

Overall, Knox seems to be astrologically well positioned to move on with her life. Obviously, her ordeal will remain a major influence on her life. She is a Sun sign Cancer, and Cancer people are slow to let go of emotional wounds. Still, if she uses the Saturn transits coming up in her chart the way they should be used; I think Knox can begin to live the peaceful life that her secondary progressed Venus has promised.

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