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The One Direction Defection

The boy band, One Direction, has never been on my radar. However, for a lot of people, particularly young women, they are big deal, and the recent announcement that one of their members was leaving the group is a heartrending event. Suddenly everywhere I look the name Zayn Malik pops up.

I came across the birth data for Zayn Malik and decided to look at his horoscope. What I found was pretty amazing. (Click on the name to see the chart.)

Malik is a Capricorn by Sun sign. This explains why he is known as the quiet, thoughtful one in the group. Virgo is his Moon sign. Malik is a practical young man who possesses a strong desire to succeed, but pays attention to details.  In my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon, I say of this combination of the Sun and Moon: “You march from detail to detail until you finally arrive on the doorstep of the great achievement.”

Malik has the musical sign of Pisces rising, with Venus (which rules both artistic talent and physical attractiveness) close to his Ascendant, so it comes as no surprise that he has enjoyed phenomena success as singer. There is usually a touch of shyness when Pisces is the rising sign, while Venus adds charm and a capacity for putting people at ease.

This all sounds very pleasant, but that changes when look at Mars in this horoscope. Malik has Mars in Cancer where it is opposite Mercury, Uranus and Neptune and square Jupiter. This is a T-square, one of the most powerful configurations you can find in a horoscope, and it shows us that there is a level within Malik’s personality that quite adventurous, often rebellious and potentially explosive.

While Malik’s Capricorn Sun and Virgo Moon, with Pisces and Venus rising describes a quiet and level-headed team player, this T-square is all about independence and individuality. My guess is that in private Malik displays something of a split personality.  One moment he is the sensible, easy to get along with Capricorn and the next he is a cantankerous contrarian.

What’s going on in Malik’s chart right now is also quite amazing. It involves the 90 degree square between Uranus and Pluto that I have been writing about for so long. This year Pluto moved to 15 degrees of Capricorn, exactly on Malik natal Mercury and opposite his Mars, while Uranus is at 15 degrees of Aries, square both these planets in Maliks chart and opposite his Jupiter. This a potent set of aspects and it is pressing Malik to completely realign his way of living.

Considering the explosive potential of the aspects within Malik’s natal chart and the involvement of transiting Uranus and Pluto (planets that often spark extreme reactions), I’m surprised that Malik’s break with One Direction seems to have been so civilized. Maybe the real, behind-the-scenes drama will come out when these young men start writing their autobiographies in a few years.

The good news for Malik is that the intensity of the Uranus square Pluto aspect is decreasing. Pluto will remain close to his Mercury and Mars through 2016, but Uranus is already moving on.

He will probably go through a period of readjustment, accompanied by feelings of frustration and self-doubt, for next couple of years. During this period Malik will need to avoid any solutions to his problems that involve extreme actions or beliefs. He should concentrate on increasing his understanding, quiet contemplation and attend to the practical impulses of his Earth sign Sun and Moon. This will keep him grounded. In 2017 Saturn will cross his Midheaven. This will be the time that the changes and trials Malik is enduring now will begin to make sense.

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