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Ted Cruz Needs an AstrologerTed Cruz

There’ nothing surprising in fact the Ted Cruz is going to run for president. This ambitious Sun sign Capricorn has been angling for public attention since his abortive attempt to shutdown the government over Obamacare in 2013. Nor is it surprisingly that he laboriously rehearsed his announcement speech, down to the kiss he gave his wife. That’s what Capricorns do.

What Cruz apparently did not do, however, was consult an astrologer before choosing the date for his big announcement.  We don’t have a time of birth for Ted Cruz, but a chart done for noon on his birthday (click on his name to see the horoscope) show no significant aspects coinciding with his speech on Monday morning. The main thing impacting his chart on that day was a trine between the transiting Sun and his natal Neptune. Meanwhile, transiting Venus was moving into sextile with transiting Neptune.

Positive aspects to Neptune like these are good for creativity, but they are not so good for planned events. When Neptune is prominent the more meticulous the planning, the more likely it is that something is going to go wrong. So, as Cruz made his long awaited announcement and the camera panned the audience at Liberty University in Virginia, it stopped short on a bevy of students wearing bright red “Stand with Rand” sweatshirts. The shirts, of course, show support for Cruz’s likely opponent on the far right side of the Republican race, Rand Paul.

Certainly, this minor misstep is not going to stop Ted Cruz’s candidacy. He’s a determined Capricorn with his Sun square Pluto. As I said in an earlier article, he combines the craftiness of Capricorn with the intensity and will-power of Pluto (and Scorpio). But in the future, maybe Cruz should have one of his people check with an astrologer before he schedules a big speech. After all, it worked pretty well of Ronald Reagan.


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