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Mars in the Horoscope of Robert Durst

Robert Durst is the multi-millionaire who is suspected of killing his wife in 1982 and his assistant in 2000.  In 2003 he was convicted of killing and dismembering an elderly neighbor, but got off with a manslaughter conviction by claiming self-defense.

Durst is not your typical criminal. He is the grandson of a self-made real estate mogul and, even though he never seems to have done much work on his own, he inherited great wealth. Whatever his defense will be, he can’t blame poverty or a lack of opportunity for his troubles.

However, he might blame his horoscope. We don’t have a time of birth for Robert Durst, but a chart done for noon on his birthday (click on his name to see the chart) reveals a close square between Mars and Venus. Anytime Mars and Venus are linked by a hard aspect like this there is a tendency for passion to get out of control, and the possibility that violence can enter the realm of romance.

The sign placements of Durst’s Sun and Moon also lend themselves to extreme behaviors. He is an Aries by Sun sign, with the Moon in Cancer. In my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo, I say of this combination: “You are much more complex and emotional that the typical Aries. Yes, you are quite capable of all the crazy, head-first, “ready-fire-aim” antics for which Aries is famous but, for you, these risky, physically challenging activities represent an emotional release.”

The intermingling of the compelling passions and competitive zeal of Aries with the strong emotions of Cancer can be explosive. It can turn love into hate and anger into rage. Combined with the romantic and sexual extremism evident in the square between Mars and Venus, it describes a restless personality prone to drastic actions.

Another factor in Durst’s partial horoscope that lends itself to violence is the placement of his Mars near the South Node of the Moon. I’ve recently done research on aspects to the Nodes and the conjunction of Mars with the Nodes in often found in the horoscopes of people whose lives are dominated by activities related to that planet, such as sports, warfare and, of course, violence. Ted Bundy and John Dillinger, for example, had this conjunction in their horoscopes.

The curious thing about Durst’s problems is that the case against his was revived by a documentary about his life, a documentary that he encouraged and cooperated with. Along with digging up some new  evidence, the filmmakers caught Durst mumbling what sounds like a confession into a microphone that he thought was turned off.

Mercury in Durst’s horoscope is square Pluto. People with this kind of aspect to their Mercury often seem to behave as if they were wearing blinders. Their thinking processes are dominated more by deep emotions and the rumblings of the subconscious than by rationality.

Also, Durst’s Mercury forms a quincunx aspect with his Neptune, a quirky aspect with a quirky planet. Durst has certainly done some quirky things, like jumping bail, disguising himself as a woman and getting arrested for shoplifting a sandwich when he had hundreds of dollars in his pocket.

Durst’s case is bound to get plenty of coverage in the press, so we will all get a chance to see how it plays out. However, even if he is found not guilty of these crimes, there can be little doubt that his life has been dominated, one way or another, by the violent influence of Mars.

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