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The Art of Being Weird (With Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)bjorkImage

The Icelandic singer, Björk has built her reputation on being like no one else. From her idiosyncratic music, to her quirky appearances in music videos and films, to the famous “swan” dress she wore to the 2001 Oscars, she has gone her own way and waited for others to follow. Recently, the Museum of Modern Art has sought to celebrate Björk’s individuality with an exhibition of some of her films, videos and costumes.

A glance at Björk’s horoscope (click on the name to see the chart) clearly show us why being an individual is so important to her. She has Uranus and Pluto conjunct on the Midheaven (and also square her Mercury) and Neptune conjunct her Ascendant. Each of these three outer planets all has a different way of pushing us to be unique, and Björk is responding to all of them.

Essentially, Jupiter and Saturn represent the conventional world. Jupiter brings us the benefits that we earn by being a respectable and contributing member of our community. Saturn represents the responsibilities and obligations that come with living in a community.

Uranus, the first outer planet, calls upon us to transcend the conventions of our community and express our individuality. At the same time, it pushes us to submerge that individual ego into a cause or ideal that reaches beyond the needs of our “tribe” and aims to improve the lot of humanity as a whole.

Neptune also calls upon us to transcend the ordinary, but not in the intellectual fashion that characterizes Uranus. Neptune uses spirituality, creativity and compassion, not just for the people who look and act like us, but for all of humanity, to lift us out of the herd.

Through Pluto we are made aware of our own mortality, and the temporary nature of everything we do here on this earth. For people who have truly internalized Pluto’s message, and seen the measure of their puny ego against the vastness of the universe, living a “normal” life is no longer possible. They have to aim for something more significant.

Of course, not everyone who has these outer planets prominently placed in their horoscope actualizes their energy at the highest level. Some people with Uranus strongly placed settle for just being eccentric and pretending to know better than anyone else. Neptune badly used will produce the misfit who never seems able to focus his or her energy. And the awareness we gain of our own mortality with Pluto can result in a cynical assumption that nothing in life really matters.

From what I know of Björk’s work, she seems to have avoided these pitfalls. Her weirdness comes from an attempt to live out the potential of these three outer planetsat the highest level, and that’s the kind of weirdness that the world needs more of.

Have any of you had experiences with the higher or lower manifestations of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto? What other celebrity do you think is making the best use of the potential of these powerful outer planets?