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A Different Variety of Bush

Jeb Bush has attempted to present himself as the “sane” Republican candidate for president.  This has gotten him some favorable coverage in the press, but it has not pleased the hard-core conservatives who make up the Republican base. Meanwhile, much of the nation recoils at the just idea of another man named Bush occupying the Oval Office. Would a President Jeb Bush be a repeat of his much maligned brother?

Astrologically speaking, Jeb is very different sort of Bush than his brother. (Click on the name to see Jeb Bush's chart.) Jeb is a cool-headed Aquarian by Sun sign, while George is an emotional Cancer. Jeb has the Moon in practical Capricorn. George’s Moon is in social Libra. In terms of their personalities, Jeb is more a guy who gets things done behind the scenes, while George is better at connecting with people.

On the other hand, Pluto plays an important role in both charts. In George’s horoscope Pluto is conjunct Mercury near his Ascendant (which explains his famous struggles with the English language). Jeb has Pluto in a close opposition with his Sun. This gives him a perspective on life that allows him see beyond the needs of his own ego. At the same time, however, it can indicate frustrations and significant obstacles in achieving life goals.

Also, the Moon in both Jeb’s and George’s charts is challenged by hard aspects. George’s Moon is square his Sun, indicating significant and complex issues involving both of his parents. Jeb’s Moon is square both Saturn and Neptune. There’s a tendency toward depression with this aspect. Jeb is sensitive to criticism and tends to avoid confrontation. When the going gets tough, he is likely to withdraw into his own little world.

After the defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012, it seems like it would be difficult for another white, male, Republican moderate from a wealth family to win the nomination. However, as the Obama administration winds down with the U.S. still intact and thriving, the clout of the Tea Party could be slipping and a reasonably sane Republican candidate might have a chance.

If that candidate turns out to be Jeb Bush, I think that people will find him a very different politician than his brother. As an Aquarian, Jeb Bush’s take on the basic Republican platform will be broader and more inclusive. At the same time, with his Capricorn Moon, he will be capable of being pragmatic and politically shrewd. Jeb’s problems will be working through the personal limitations represented by his afflicted Moon. His brother managed to do this well enough to become president. Whether Jeb will be able to repeat this accomplishment remains to be seen.

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