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ClintonHImageNeptune and Hillary Clinton

The astrological community has a bone to pick with Hillary Clinton. Over the past several years, she and people close to her have given out her time of birth as 8:00 o’clock. The problem is that the time has sometimes been given as 8PM and sometimes as 8AM. Both times of birth have been given out on several different occasions, and with an equal amount of confidence. So astrologers are left to choose which they prefer.

Arguments can be made for both times, but I prefer the evening birth for Hillary Clinton. (Click on her name to see this horoscope.) It places her Sun in the Fifth House, Uranus on her Ascendant and the Moon in her Tenth House, trine Jupiter. I see all of these as indicative of her strong personality and her political success.

Recently Clinton has become involved in a controversy involving emails. It has been revealed that she used a personal email account during her years as Secretary of State, instead of the government email she was supposed to be using. If Clinton were an ordinary civil servant this would probably have never been noticed, but since she’s the person most likely to be nominated as the Democratic candidate for president in 2016, it has gotten a lot of attention, particularly from Republican congressmen.

The controversy has raised suspicions that the former Secretary of State was intentionally trying to conceal information. Republicans have revived the Benghazi investigation and seem determined to make has much hay out of this irregularity as possible. It has put Clinton in an awkward position, and may even endanger any future plans she might have to run for higher office.

First of all, Clinton is a Scorpio by Sun sign. Scorpios value their privacy above all else. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Clinton chose to keep her communications separate from the general mix. And, if I’m right about her Uranus on her Ascendant, she’s not above bending the rules now and again.

However, what is most interesting to me is the position of transiting Neptune. Right now Neptune is at seven degrees of Pisces. In the 8PM horoscope I favor this would place that planet within two degrees of her Midheaven. Since few people were born exactly on the hour, her actual birth time is probably a few minutes after 8:00, which would put Neptune even closer to this important angle.

This email controversy has Neptune written all over it. At first glance it seems insignificant, but at the same time it provides ample fuel for accusations of skullduggery. Clinton’s fans will maintain that it was an innocent oversight. Clinton’s enemies will say that it was an intentional ploy to thwart the will of Congress. The truth of the matter will probably never be known, so each side will walk away equally sure that theirs was the correct opinion.

Of course, this encounter with Neptune doesn’t really solve the problem of Clinton’s correct time of birth. In the 8AM chart Neptune would be about three degrees away from the I.C ., another important angle. However, since the Midheaven is more closely associated one’s public image, I think it tends to validate my favorite.

We won’t know Clinton’s birth time for sure unless she is forced to release her birth certificate. You know, Illinois is really not that far from Canada. Come on, Birthers! Get busy!

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