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One Last Dance for Uranus and PlutoUranusSqPluto

The big 90 degree aspect between Uranus and Pluto will be exact for the very last time on March 16. This won’t, by any means, end the influence of the aspect, but it does represent the beginning of the end. Hopefully, it will also represent the beginning of the end of the era of extremism wrought by this monumental clash of slow moving planets.

I’m not going to do a detailed post-mortem on this square (which I’ve writing about since 2011) until later, but what has happened around the world during the period when this aspect was in force has been a swing toward extreme opinions both in politics and religion.

In the United State the Tea Party movement that began after the election of Barack Obama set the bar for Republican congressional candidates to far to the right that sanity became a political liability. In the Mid-East the Arab Spring of 2010 became a long and bloody winter of discontent. Dictators fell only to be replaced by ineptitude and anarchy. The result is the rise of I.S.I.S and a whole new level of religious craziness.

I could go on, but I think you get to picture. On their own, both Uranus and Pluto represent tendencies toward extremism. The 90 degree aspect also lends itself to violent extremes. Put them all together and it’s a hell of a party.

As this last square approaches a regenerated Iraqi army is gearing up for a major offensive against I.S.I.S held territory, supported by U. S. air power. At the same time bombing missions by the U.S. and some of their Arab allies seem to have put the group on the defensive. During the last U. S. congressional election mainstream Republicans seemed have gotten to upper hand over the crazy fringe, though divisions remain. Maybe we’re already seeing the decline of the Uranus/Pluto blight.

Or maybe not. I’m afraid that this last exact passage and the period immediately after it may give us another dose of Uranus/Pluto mayhem, perhaps in the form of a major terrorist attack or the rise of a new I.S.I.S inspired threat. We’re still a long way from getting the influence of this aspect out of our system. So, don’t be putting the Champagne on ice just yet, and get ready for some more bumps in the road.

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