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Risking It All with Uranus

Several weeks ago the veteran news anchor, Brian Williams, was caught in a couple of false statements. More recently the news commentator and author, Bill O’Reilly, has been accused of misrepresenting events in his book on the assassination of John Kennedy, and in his account of his days as a reporter working on a story in Argentina.

When I first heard of the Brian Williams story I looked at where Neptune is in his horoscope. I later did the same with Bill O’Reilly. I have no time of birth for either, but a partial horoscope done for noon reveals no significant contacts with Neptune for either man. (Click on the name to see the charts.)

Of course, if Neptune were big player in the charts of these two men they probably would not be doing what they have been doing for the past thirty years. Neptune is about visions, not facts. It pushes us toward issues that transcend the immediate and the everyday. At its best Neptune speaks of a higher truth. At it worse it is vague, evasive and prone to faulty logic. Neptune does not lend itself to the kind of forceful clarity necessary to be either a successful journalist or news commentator.

Furthermore, both Williams and O’Reilly have their Suns in Earth signs. Williams is a Taurus by Sun sign and O’Reilly is a Virgo. Because Earth sign people are so tied to the real, there are generally prone to truth telling. This doesn’t mean that Earth sign people never lie. (After all, Bernie Madoff has both his Sun and Moon in Taurus.) But their deceptions typically involve a selective relating of the facts, rather than outright fabrication.

The other thing that Williams and O’Reilly have in common is the fact that both have the Sun in a close square with Uranus. I think this is the key to understanding their recent behavior. Earth sign people are typically cautious, but Uranus square the Sun creates a need to take risks, to defy the odds and rebel against what is expected. It also adds a touch of arrogance to the personality.

The lies told by Williams and O’Reilly did not further either of their careers or gain them profit or position. The only purpose they served was to make these two aging newsmen seem more dangerous and daring than they really were. In other words, Williams and O’Reilly took a Uranian risk in order to reinforce the Uranian side of their character.

For Williams this Uranian risk took place at a bad time. Transiting Pluto is opposing his natal Mars and transiting Uranus is square both. So he paid dearly for the risk that he took. Williams has been suspended without pay for six months and is seems likely that his career as a journalist is over.

There are no such bad aspects impacting the horoscope of Bill O’Reilly right now. Of course, he works for Fox news, where the standards of veracity are notoriously fluid. It seems likely that he will survive his Uranian adventure unscathed. However, people with Uranus square the Sun are prone to sudden shifts in their fortunes, so O'Reilly shouldn’t expect his luck to hold out forever.

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