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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars: ReviewOscarImage

Well, I didn’t do so well with my Oscar predictions for Best Actor and Best Actress. Though I saw that Eddie Redmayne’s chart was being impacted by some serious aspects, I didn’t think that their influence would kick in until next year. Obviously, that was a mistake.

Bradley Cooper was the nominee who had the most dramatic aspects coming into the Oscar season, but the political heat surrounding his role in “American Sniper” pretty much killed his chances of winning the award. Among the men I gave the edge to Michael Keaton because I felt that there had to something going on in his chart that I was unable to see without having his time of birth.

The only nominees for Best Actress who had favorable aspects on Oscar night were Julianne Moore (who did win) and Reese Witherspoon.  In the end, I favored Witherspoon, again because I didn’t have a complete horoscope for her (as I did for Moore), and I felt that there had to be something going on that I couldn’t see.

The one thing I got right has to do with transiting Mars moving across Witherspoon’s natal Sun. I said we would likely see some display of aggression from her, and joked that she might punch somebody during the proceedings.

 In fact, Witherspoon found a more positive way to express that combative Mars energy. She began a campaign on social media challenging the press to stop focusing on what (or “who”) women on the red carpet were wearing, and start asking them questions relative to their careers and other serious matters. This blow against sexism was a wonderful way to exercise the warrior spirit that a strong Mars transit provides.

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