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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars: Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore comes into the 2015 race for Best Actress with four previous nominations but no wins. This year she has been nominated for her role as an Alzheimer’s sufferer in the movie, “Still Alice.”

Moore is a Sagittarian by Sun Sign with the Moon in Gemini conjunct her Gemini Ascendant. (Click here to see her horoscope.) Sagittarius is generally an easy-going sign and, with a Gemini Ascendant and Moon, she gives the impression of being quick-witted, adaptable and easy influenced. The Moon on the Ascendant adds a quality of emotional vulnerability to her persona.

However, beneath all these pliant Mutable signs, Moore’s horoscope is dominated by hard aspects. Her Sun is square Pluto (which is powerfully placed on the I.C.). Her Mercury squares Uranus and her Mars forms a close opposition to Saturn. Moore’s chart is rather like a snowball with a rock inside. The cool and mushy surface hides a core of hard-driving work ethic, and you don’t want to get in its way.

So, it’s no wonder that Moore has had such a long and productive career. She combines all the charm of Gemini and the energy Sagittarius with an abundance of grit and determination. And this seems like the year win all of her hard work and patience will pay off. The experts have Moore as the early favorite to win the prize for Best Actress.

With this in mind, I wish was seeing better aspects for Moore on Oscar night. The transiting Sun will be near her Midheaven that evening, so she will be getting a lot of attention. But this is a short-term aspect. I would like to see it supported with an aspect with more staying power.

The only “big” aspect going on his Moore’s chart right now is the opposition of Neptune to her natal Pluto. The opposition is near her M.C/I.C. angle so it has extra weight and importance, but the influence of Neptune is never direct and it tends to deal more with the sub-conscious or spiritual issues. Also, Pluto in Moore’s horoscope, though it adds toughness to her personality, acts more as drag on her career aspirations than a boost.

In fact, people with Pluto on the angle like Moore are often faced with tremendous challenges that come to dominate their lives. These challenges can come in many forms, such as health issues, financial difficulties or burdensome obligations, but they rarely involved taking home trophies.

On the other hand, Neptune does relate to pop culture and it is in Moore’s Tenth House of career. Also, interestingly enough, one of the challenges we might see with Pluto on the angle is early onset Alzheimer’s, the illness Moore’s character battles in “Still Alice.”

So, I can’t totally dismiss Moore’s chances of winning the Oscar. However, I will say that a win for her would not represent a major shift in her life. It would be one night in the astrological Sun’s happy glow, and then back to work, trying to figure out how to deal with the much more subtle transformation that coming out of Neptune opposing her Pluto.

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